What is meaning? Every word could mean anything if said on it's own, in particular: sex.

What? To. Because. Why. Why not. Know. Do. Be. Believe. Understand. Ask for Go after Helloo Goodnight.

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abstracting metaphor

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a letter to a consciousness

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a letter to a nihilist

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a letter to a politician

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a letter to a square

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any years resolution

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axioms empty set

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Beliefs be leaves on a tree

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Birthday Requests

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building sandcastles

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case reports

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cleaning up after priors

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cognitive fallacies

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creating morality

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dear god

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escaping from reality

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ever present metaphors

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every story as a story

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explore the body

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freedom as a negative concept

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future human sex

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god a non npc

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having the drug talk

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hermeneutics - interpretation

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hitchen's razor

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how can i learn more about psychoactive drugs

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how does good

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how i meditate where it gets me

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how psychedelic wake

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if singularity, then end of the world

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Internet of babel

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In The Beginning

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is it wrong to think the wrong thing

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mental guises

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mental hospital

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miraculous is magic

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my first trip

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my second trip

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occam's gear

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on existence of equality

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Out of context

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perhaps rest in peace is wrong

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podcast reviews

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projection bias

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proverbs are i told you so's

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psychedelics and suicide

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purposeful misreading

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p vs np

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questions about a trip

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quotes of the aether

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reactionary mindfulness

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responsibilities for parents

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suicide preventiono

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taking a step back

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tautology as magic

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the anything innate difference

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the house of want

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the limit of outside the box thinking

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the meaning of life

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-- the synthing

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the system is rigged

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thought police

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to make a parody of yourself

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to say

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trickledown economics

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trip 3

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trip 4

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tying up loose ends

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ultimately containing complete greediness

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What is meaning? Every word could mean anything if said on it's own, in particular: sex.

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what is the meaning of life

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who am i

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why psychedelic wake

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woo woo

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you're not going to notice it

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