the meaning of life

So, the meaning of life, right, what ever it is, we’d have to agree on what it is, right? Once we know what it is, for us to know, we’d have to all be able to know it. We’d have to agree. What Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy suggests is nothing about the number 42, because that’s simply the answer to the ultimate question, but the meaning of life, for all we know may not be the ultimate question. It’s perhaps the penultimate question, with language so confused for the inflammable to be made flammable, I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t know the ultimate question. But the meaning of life, if it was knowable, wouldn’t be a statistical answer, it wouldn’t be plain text on a page. The meaning of life would require life to be breathed through you in order for you to conceive of it. To convey it in text would necessitate you instantaneously acquiring pure awakening equivalent of becoming ethereal, it would be to transcend the finite and to confound the unfathomable, it would be for the miraculous to be achieved in reading simple etchings on a page. 26 letters, oh so many syllables, a couple of reference points here and there, and voila, consciousness? No. The riddle to the meaning of life is not that it’s the ultimate question, it’s the most meaningful question. And it would be that the most meaningful question would have either a meaningful or meaningless answer, on some scale of meaning. But what if it is that it was that meaninglessness could be rather akin to the priceless rather than the valueless. That our options were actually between whether it was meaningful or utterly meaningful, with some grade of utterly. The ultimate question is probably something about how many penultimate questions does it take to build up to the ultimate question? 42. So really all the build-up is for a let-down, unless you repeat it over and over and go maddeningly insane (wouldn’t that be a twist) about how it’s all a riddle and that it’s really to have 2 for tea at 4:20. Or perhaps the ultimate question is really a question oh so almightingly great that it should be bowed down to and worshipped because the process of discovering this ultimate question is indeed the one true ultimate quest that leads to an infinite journey of discovering increasingly ultimate questions without ever actually achieving the most ultimate question. Although, between periods of discovering these ultimate questions there can be an ultimate withdrawal period as we go in search for the answer to the question as to whether ultimate questions have ultimate answers. I think if we say binary over and over enough times we might realise that we are actually putting our lives into the risk-breakdown of a coin flip. It’s a very yes/no answer to whether or not we destroy ourselves. Perhaps there’s a more elegant solution. If quantum experiments lead to communication channels between multiverses, perhaps we can convince them to experiment with AI for us first. "What's the meaning of life?" is a question asked to mean that the person is likely fed up with trying to work out what to do.

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