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Case Report: a gardener that keeps bees, was also a smoker, said that bees do not go near him when he works with the hive even naked. Nicotine kills Honey Bees In the absence of alternative nectar sources, honeybeestolerate naturally occurring nectar nicotine concentrations; and low concentrations can even be beneficial to honeybees. However, high nicotine concentrations may have a detrimental effect on colony fitness. Overall mortality across all nicotine treatments was low, averaging 9.8% at the prepupal stage and 18.1% at the white-eyed pupal stage, but survival was significantly reduced by nicotine. Their distribution throughout the plant, including pollen, nectar, and guttation fluids, poses particular concern for exposure to pollinators. The authors describe how neonicotinoids interact with the nervous system of honeybees and affect individual honeybees in laboratory situations. Because honeybees are social insects, colony effects in semifield and field studies are discussed. Nicotine is found in the air via tobacco smoke Three of the 4 experiments showed significant increases in the amount of nicotine on all five surfaces. The floor and glass windows had the greatest increases in nicotine, on average by a factor of 47 and 6, respectively (p < .05). The average amount of nicotine deposited on a floor during each experiment was 205 μg/m(2) and varied from limit of quantitation to 550 μg/m(2). Honey Bee populations are declining Since 2006, when unexpectedly high colony losses were first reported, articles have proliferated in the popular press suggesting a range of possible causes and raising alarm over the general decline of bees. Perhaps nicotine can be used as an incense to repel bees like we use other plants for mosquitoes and flies. As a smoker, I rarely encounter bees, mosquitoes or flies, compared to when I was younger, but see them just as frequently as if I hadn't noticed anything. Do insects actively avoid smokers? Will they? Case Report: a family fought over whether "drugs" were acceptable or not, a situation arose and passed, and one member of the family won. Doctor Step-Brother Wuss Doctors, like my step brother, or step brothers like my oldest brother have been known to call the police when a human is expressing alternate truths that they don’t understand about acceptable use and exploring states of consciousness. Although, the reason they call is not to make a political statement about said truth, but to claim of psychosis of pushing someone out the way when they are forcing you not to leave their home. Occasionless Parties Deserve Vacations Now, the human even decided to make a political statement as a response to the step-brother and went to a party, got really high on LSD, shrooms, cannabis, alcohol, salvia, and nicotine, and even had shrooms on him when arrested, what did the police, lawyers, and doctors do? Absolutely nothing but ask “how was it” and “you might want some bars for the comedown” and “try DMT next time” and “have a 30 day bed, breakfast, bars, and meet some other crazy people in town before you leave”. The "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out" runabout ride is here! The system is now effectively ready for some serious case reporting, however they call the experience a ‘psychosis’ and ‘schizophrenia’ to scare you off doing it again, when actually with the political response I get, I’m quite happy. No TV fame received, and none wanted. 30 day bed, breakfast and bongs is pretty decent if you ask me. Maybe call it the old “turn on, tune in, drop out” runabout, it certainly makes for a song or two to talk about. See step-brother? They’re already on my side. The drug war is over, and the sober have lost. You have 1 ticket every 6 months. Case Report: TV media knows not its own innocence Bribing children breeds corruption A TV talk show guest was talking about how it's acceptable to offer bribes, ie. incentives, for babies to do things, like a little reward once they've done something good. At the same time a scroll bar underneath rolled by saying that Roger Federer says that the Tennis tournament hosts are corrupt. The synchronicity was lost on the TV show providers, because they too are corrupt. But perhaps corruption is what, that the guys that run the tournament write the rules and own the facilities and make a profit on every corner cut. Besides, corners can really do damage when you run into them, cutting them off might be safer if you have kids running around. Corruption is just friendship and incentive Cutting corners is competitive How does that make any sense? Well, when you have a growing population like most of the world tries to, saving every dollar will provide for generations upon generations of inherited retirement. Since the advent of money, great wealth compounds easily. Competition compounds until success monopolizes, and a good cross-industry competitor will silence that power from broadening too far. And it remains until it faults up and crumbles to be replaced by good healthy competition again. Is the media industry about to crumble? Hackers hold all power now. Case Report: An old sick man didn't acknowledge someone's ability to intuit their sickness by virtue of caring for the old. She asked and received nothing An elderly guy at church was confronted by a middle-aged lady who said she felt like through the night he was experiencing breathing trouble. Because he doesn't believe the spirit moves that way, he said no and moved on. But as it turns out, she went in to church and he ended up coughing his lungs up for a few minutes into a handkerchief. He was either nice, old or propagating ignorance Either he was dying and didn't want her to worry, he was under confirmation bias and didn't want to accept that possibility she could telepathise this knowledge, or he is so old and has been sick for so long he doesn't even count it as being unwell. It seemed like pneumonia to me. Or there is an option I am missing. This is either nice, sad or sad I prefer to think he was being nice to her, but propagating ignorance seems poor. He could have been confirmationally biased, as he was a longstanding member of faith. But the latter seems like a tempting concept, that age is so deteriorating, that those with it are too deteriorated to express their deterioration. That being said, is there a way to express anything in the fullness of itself? Is that a good goal?

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