proverbs are i told you so's

Proverbs Are I Told You So's An "I Told You So" is some kind of conclusion that doesn't go through the workings, skipping to the answer and saying "Buy Substratum before it's too late", and then looking back in 10 years when the price skyrockets and saying "well, I did tell you to buy it". All proverbs are said in the same kind of light. They don't bother explaining their reasoning because they think it is obvious, so they write down a saying that they are confident that after you "grow up" you'll understand the why, ie. there is no point explaining it, because one must learn it from first hand experience, so they skip bothering to try and reason with you and simply stand their ground. Take a look at any list of top proverbs, they are all in the same attitude. I had a friend tell me "How would you like it if someone said 'I told you so' to you all the time", she was trying to say the attitude behind it is not structurally sound. I thought well "how would you like it if someone said 'how would you like it' all the time?" Because the attitude is exactly the same. We say it because it's the only way to reason that you were in the right. A'how would you like it' is the essence of what 'an eye for an eye' was meant to mean and what became 'treat your neighbour as yourself', but is really just as simple as the childish way of saying, with emphasis on the 'you', indeed 'how would you like it'. "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" is often said in regards to someone wanting to quit a job or leave the country or change schools. It's an "I told you so" that if believed outright ends the argument, but by the same token, if you don't have the pre-requisite personal experience to know the proverb is true, you'll have to find out for yourself. "Don't judge a book by its cover" is another one, it's an "I told you so", that people tend to use because it was used on them or they found it to be true, there's no explanation given, it's simply someone trying to mark the fact that they were right all along. If the attitude of an I told you so can be questioned like this girl did to me, then all of proverbial knowledge can be put into question. And she's partially right, but also partially wrong, because while she doesn't have the experience, she's right, but the second she gains it for herself, she'll realise how wrong she was. And I'll be there saying "I told you 'I told you so's are okay." As much as I don't like it when someone says "I told you so" to me, I have avoided that from repeatedly happening to me. So, as it turns out, just because we don't like something doesn't validate it reasonably for us not to also do it. 'How would you like it', is not as powerful as 'I told you so'. Because a 'How would you like it' can be transformed into a proverb, into an 'I told you so' by simply stating "Love your neighbour as yourself". Why should we do it? You'll know when you know, and I'll be the one to say "I told you so". This is where reasoning the Psychedelic Experience falls down, it relies on experiential knowledge to understand, just as Gnosticism does. To those who haven't been there, no words will suffice, to those who have, no words are necessary. And the same goes for reasoning "What is the meaning of life".

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