who am i

xWho Am I I am the consciousness that inhabits this body. How big this body is, I don't know, how long I inhabit this body for, I don't know, what limits my consciousness, I don't know. Existence is perpetually in Act 1 Scene 1 of Episode 1. You can read the prologue, the secular world is almost comfortable with allowing you to do that, they do burn books occasionally, so my kind has engraved rocks because rock beats scissors beats paper (engraved rocks are really hard to erase, usually they just trick you about what it says). When the Ancient Greeks were confronted with the Hebrew-Islam conundrum they re-translated the Hebrew Bible to render their words powerless, as if to correct history and finally end the war by ending the debate that fuelled all the anger. Copy the Hebrew and Greek translations of something as crucial as the Ten Commandments. People then learned from this and standardized an english form that does the opposite. MUSIC I love Jason Becker, any and all Math Rock (This Town Needs Guns, Foals). Although all of my music has been improvisational, when I look at the guitar I see maths and close my eyes and just feel where to go. My lyrics are mostly glossolalia, or speaking in tongues, or clairvocal (the opposite of clairaudient). That means I mix up about 20 different sentences and say them all at once, or just make sound to mean "may change, as a being, change itself in the way it needs to". WRITING I am inspired by word salads, even without grammar. Even just repeat letters on a page, and sometimes blank spaces. Mathematics speaks volumes to my heart. Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and many stray disorganised quotes that one finds in the memeverse (memeland?). Gnosticism, Theosophy, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and Redditors. I feel like society is coming to a point where they are ready to secularly pass on airy fairy metaphorical teachings if and only if they could have precise descriptions, reasonings, examples, assumptions and limitations detailed. SCIENCE Some of my writing can loosely be described as scientific, however, I have not had the care for publication, because I don't think its right to conform to the editor's standards when most of the information is just a series of minor twists of cited material, and sometimes you don't need to do an experiment to learn something new. However, if something comes up and encouragement suits, I may decide to formalise anything that fits the bill, but restricting myself to scientific writing, is, as I said, a restriction. I can also mathematically prove that some information is not meant to be made public, so the peer-review method isn't always acceptable.

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