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Podcast Reviews Podcasts I listen to and trip out on regularly, a lot of heart-strings to the tribelike feel of podcasting, maybe this is a loop back to campfire story-time, I’m looking forward to the continued development of thought in various areas, noting the specific lack in Education, Frontier Studies (of which there are countless, only so few are read and there’s a lot of repeats), Novelty, Progression towards utopia and independence. Note to Self – Didn’t take me long to dive into all the podcasts from the past that sounded interesting. Interesting to see where she takes herself. A lot of pleasure in listening. Duncan Trussell Family Hour – Duncan is God, with his ethereal symbology and hidden occultic tendencies, is always in a good state of mind, as though he’s cleaned up his mind and taken out a lot of the trash, what would be bad is transformed through alchemy into wonder. Perhaps he should talk more about his experiences along the realms of LSD and Neem Karoli Baba. Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan – Chris seems like he could know more and be better equipped with combining his thoughts and feelings with actions and motives if he applied himself more. But even without, he does well where he is, mostly providing good and interesting thoughts with feelings in good proportion. Alan Watts – The guy who talked about doing what you love, when all he did was not do, because it was nothing that he loved, and so he did nothing. A good speaker nonetheless. Often felt like he could have gone deeper. The Skeptics Guide – A pretty sensible group of kids, I’d suggest doing an anti-Creationism theme, combating each and every point taught by what may or may not become Trump’s education format, starting with Creation Ministries International, and noting their lack of format and purpose. Psychedelic Salon – Unreal work following Terence McKenna, but perhaps could have included his own thoughts more on how he thinks about things, in terms of right action, psychedelic experience, electrical engineering. After ended all the podcasts he should give some old man insight which I crave. Thanks again Mysterious Universe – Would love to see a birth of sister podcasts under the same style with similar dynamic between the casters, no doubt there’s endless ‘trip reports’ that can be explored. The culture of talking about the strange should be expanded on. The Plant Report – Every Plant Has A Story – Plant is food is life. Selecting the right stuff is the most crucial piece of information one can have, and the field is so large, this helps in gaining a scope of plants and uses – but there is so much information left out. The Wandering Economist – Handy, if you’ve moved to another project, upload a plug. I want to follow your insight, simplicity and to the point nature that is needed particularly in economics, but in all fields. The Joe Rogan Experience – I’d like to see Rogan retire into a farmer, and I’d like to farm with him. Breeding his Elk and producing bulk nutrient products, and maybe steep into textiles. While attempting to be off the grid, automated, and research-optimisationism based. Star Talk Radio – Neil can sometimes be quite a proud scientific-skeptic, which is fine when he steps where he should, but often gets out of his comfort zone, within which he mostly succeeds in hitting the nail on the head with his responses. When following in the footsteps of Carl Sagan he does particularly well, and I recommend making TV Shows about the books Sagan authored, it would be a success as many TV Show watchers may not have read enough books to even get to Sagan. And then move on to Sir David Attenborough. Perhaps taking 5-10 years each before moving onto his own interests as they get closer and along the way. If financing is an issue, Kickstarter it. Explore more sci-fi, the field is enormous.

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