miraculous is magic

Most religions believe in some form of the miraculous. Even science, in a way believes in some, namely the start of the universe, essentially the "give us 1 free miracle and we'll explain the rest", as well as things like Quantum Entanglement. Anything that voids our standard intuition of cause and effect is magic. Altering perception can lead to some very phenomenal magical experiences, particularly of the kind where the past is non-linear and sometimes even non-existent, bringing all that exists into the Here and Now and nowhere else. The imagination is often quite magical also, leading to things listed here, Celestial Vision and Celestial Hearing. If these kinds of siddhi's are taken with a Jungian perspective, Schizophrenia becomes more understandable, at least to some such as myself. Essentially, the 'hallucinations' that a 'mentally ill' person sees should be taken as 'signs and wonders' like that in Biblical times. Essentially, they are encoded symbols and, for example, hallucinating that your phone is ringing and hearing someone on the line say "someone is at the door" and then checking the door should be taken as akin to Aldous Huxley's concept of "the doors of perception". "Hearing someone on the phone" is a metaphor for 'listening to consciousness within consciousness', and having that person say "someone is at the door" means that 'the person is waiting to pass through the doors of perception'. That is to say, the guy in this video, is being told, according to the language I've discovered through Slip-Stream Synchronicity (a post-Jungian technique, I am selling an article discussing how to channel this), he is being told to take psychedelics to open the doors of perception. Hallucinations are standard procedure for entry-level shamans. All of my hallucinations cease once I've learnt the lesson they are there to teach, but it is often a complicated riddle and takes concentration and outside-the-box thinking to discover. Take it as those riddles "what do you get when cross a snowman and a witch: a cold spell". They are understood by Rules of Association, hence why 'boundary dissolving' or 'loosening of associations' is important. I recommend a Thesaurus, a Dictionary, an Encyclopaedia, and a few a other books that do not currently exist. Sometimes it requires learning a second language to pass the test. The rules of magic become more knowable in these deeper realms of perception altering, hallucination and so forth. Sometimes requiring days without sleep or plant teachers to open up the doors wide enough to let the power enter. Although, it is not without risk, generally, those with enough of whatever it takes to experience this, generally, have enough of what it takes to know the risks and whether they want to take the path of going back to sleep, or awakening further. Having powerful dream recall is important for potentiating the Slip-Stream Synchronicities in a way that your subconscious can show you the associations you have been missing. All of this will sound 'crazy' or 'insane' to those who haven't experienced it, and obvious to those who have. So all I'm doing is speaking to those who want comfort for the obvious, that they are not alone, and to those who think it is crazy, to know that there are plenty of other things we can discuss that aren't crazy. Now, Magic cannot surpass Emptiness, being Filled With Emptiness will give you greater power than magic can, as I have been able to cast 'spells' that trumped over those who were more expert at magic than I, and it certainly changed their life and kept me safe. Again, it sounds crazy, but if you haven't had Magic Mushrooms or LSD, you probably wouldn't even believe Quantum Physics because you simply don't have the amount of Awareness necessary to notice it before your eyes. Not unless you're actually a Quantum Physicist and are familiar with all of the experiments that have proven the weird is normal.

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