how can i learn more about psychoactive drugs

How Can I Learn More About Psychoactive Drugs? Firstly, obviously, while people pay little attention to the existence of biochemistry and the Bio-Psycho-Social network that influences mood, you should only experiment where things are legal, however there exists an alternative interpretation to the law in some places that freedom of consciousness supersedes this predicament. If you're of that persuasion choices are up to you. If you think of caffeine as a biochemical, but then also take into consideration that tiredness, nostalgia, anger and depression are all also biochemical interactions, the heightening and dampening of these different pendulums is generally what characterizes a biochemical. However, after some varied exploration is undergone, there is certainly access to some supranormal abilities of perception. This is partially a result of meditationary exploration and pure theoretical exploration and biochemical assistance, but these kinds of experiences have been widely documented in abstract form without much understanding conveyed. That is, things are either descriptive or metaphorical, but not much of either together, and it's the supra-normal that becomes highly associated with the paranormal that makes mental illnesses a potentially (not always) plastic phenomena, whereby people can be sent to perceptual hells and heavens, that is, to be trapped in a non-plastic repetitive horror, compared to drifting in a plastic hyper sensitive rollercoaster. This is why drugs have gotten such a bad name. Because all of us are alone in this world exploring our minds. Most of the self drifts around the islands of ignorance like a child in school. And seeing as the ravenous debates of the many aspects of literature lead to a particularly high dimension of the what we can know from the known and an even higher dimension of what we can know from the unknown. People talk of science as if 'the theory with the least assumptions is the best' when in actual fact it is actually merely the 'simplest'. How this world works, when considering Miracles and Siddhis, Hallucinations and Synaesthesia, the higher dimensional and hyper advanced... well, we are basically all on our own thanks to all these differences of mind. Yet, if you have specific questions about Psychoactives, try me, /r/drugs /r/psychonaut or unfortunately your local bikey gang, because the church-going policemen only take it when they are being naughty, however some of us think that there are simply far far too many drugs for there not to be at least 3 or 4, or thousands of good ones. This is a discussion that hasn't started, so if you want to participate, send me a message and I'll dedicate a section to it. But let's be honest, as the drug debate comes up across the world, there needs to be a secular knowledge of the pathways to developing the bio-psycho-social networks in an observational and repeatable manner. Now, there is this image, detailing the dominant Neurotransmitters that have receptors that the Psychoactive molecules will generally interact with. For example, Nicotine is primarily Acetylcholinergic and functions just as Einstein said "I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs". LSD and mushrooms are generally mood alterants, and this shows you how severe mood can change the reality that you live in, from your world-view to your temporal-awareness and perspective-cone to even how you treat friends, family and strangers. Meanwhile, there is a chain of internal chemistry that ties dopamine production to noradrenaline production to adrenaline production, the are molecules made in sequence from each other through their shape. This tells us that the Religions of old had some sense about them when they said not to follow pleasure but to follow good (euphoria). There is also a chain of internal chemistry tying GABA and Glutamate, and it means the more you focus on your memory, the more you are calm and the more calm you are the better you will remember things. Except that Alcohol mimics GABA and kills the cycle, making you feel calm with little memory. This makes me think Glutamate hides a nearby memory enhancement molecule, oops, that's a mix of Autism and it's opposite, Schizophrenia, which are actually poles on a spectrum of amnesia and synaesthesia. Meanwhile, technically Memory is an inhibition process according to the disorganised state of modern theory, and calling it the Nervous System rather than an Excitement System seems to be a bit ridiculous when the very feeling of excitement contributes to well-being and healthy relationships. But angry people (resulting from pleasure-seeking) feel justified in quenching the excitement of happy people. CompoundChem - Neurotransmitters

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how can i learn more about psychoactive drugs

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