what is the meaning of life

When Someone Asks "What Is The Meaning Of Life?" This is what I respond with: This is the part where words fail. To explain this properly, I'd have to show you. And that's what living is, your chance to learn your answer to this exact question. If everyone followed your reasoning to suicide, there'd be no one left to experience here. Then we wouldn't even be given the opportunity to ask this. The entire mystery-profession of shamanism and spirituality, is founded around trying to get closer to answering this question. To ask it and expect an answer in 2 or 3 short sentences is laughable in over-ambition. This is why we have the word "ineffable". When I asked my grandma if I could talk to her about her beliefs in God, she said that they are too big to express, that she doesn't have the words to explain it, and basically that's it's not for me to ask from her. You're not supposed to ask this question, because the attitude behind it is toxic nihilism, total apathetic despair. You are expecting to be disappointed. No one has ever answered this question in a way that has saved All Always. Maybe that's why we keep coming back, hoping one day someone might answer the question. But to ask this question is also to start from square 0 and try counting to infinity, you're not going to make it. And that's the point of your question if it drops the question mark and becomes a statement of attitude: you're not going to make it. You've boiled your life down to meaningless jarble, down to the densest of stubborn refusal, lead, and are trying to re-combine it into gold, prized posession. Why would I teach you the secrets to alchemy if it is making me unlimited glittering wealth? The secret to why I've answered your question with a question shall remain a secret until you answer it for yourself. Adding, subtracting and multiplying your square zero will get you no closer to infinity. But the division of zero by zero is undefined, perhaps you are already sitting at the gates of heaven and are wearing the mask of staring over the bannister to the long drop to hell. Perhaps there is a lookout tower from heaven over hell, where all who are permitted entry must have shared in their fair dealings with understanding hellish perspectives. Even Jesus was sentenced to hell, but he had the keys to his own prison. You want the keys that only God has been rumored to have found? Do you dare to renew your mind to that of god's to cheat the workings, skip the proof to this question and go straight to the solution? Well, if there was a peer reviewed scientific answer would you just read the title or maybe the article and not even bother to fact check it, would it be so obvious that you'd missed it all along, or is it intricately ordered and finely tuned to only tick at one moment an instant and will you be incessant on digging deep searching for that well-spring of bliss, peace, and prosperity..? Do you know how many Assets the government owns as a result of your taxes? Do you know at what lower limit does the asset value per citizen need to breach for the GDP per annum of those assets far exceed the social security costs of living per annum per citizen? Have you read into compound interest, or know of the prophecies of your modern age? It has been said that Christ (to islamic, a prophet, to christians, the god, saviour, example, to jews, a concept that reshapes everything one has known before) would return to save only those who were Amish and craved not the languishes of boredom stricken by all those interconnected by common doubt, and that all else would be sentenced to a hell of not understanding the singularity or how close it is, and that just one generation would be taken to be the first and last to achieve eternal life, no longer requiring death to achieve implementation and development on the bio-software of being, all at the final stage of evolution, signifying the end of work and thus the end of the need to keep time, time is no longer linear, but spasmodically dreamlike as all develop the ability to meet needs before their arrival at the door of desire, all are able to relinquish their fears of being erratic and ADHD, able to speak freely and walk slow to and fro from stop to go, without a care in the world for who-ever it is that would care to try and ruin it by asking such a pitiful question. Which brings me back to, why should I answer you. In some countries assisted controlled suicide is legal. And corporations are sure to revel in each human they need not share their greed with. So they, and all of global capitalism are not inclined to help you on this. But you have been given an opportunity, after all, crisis is an opportunity in disguise, perhaps you can choose not to do it until you find this answer, not to ask and say "if no one answers with an A+ in 32 seconds, I'm leaving, k thx bye". The reason scientific consensus continues to change is because there is "insufficient data for a meaningful answer", we need more words to explain it to you, but less to explain it from one who knows to one who knows, because there need be no transmission of the fact. When you know, you'll see it everywhere you go. Just be careful with what you think you know, because at the moment it seems like you are looking everywhere and not getting the answer, that's because your measuring device aint infinite. When asking about what happens when you die, in spanish culture the vibes of those who have died return when their stories are told again and again. Will your story of suicide be re-told with a good vibe? We're going to have to fix that after your gone, it will cost us. You are an investment. It is from great wisdom that new knowledge comes, and your age designates no great wisdom has had the time to be cultivated in the garden of your mind. Water it with focus and weed it with mindfulness, because the seeds dropped by one who asks this very question often lead to answers for those who cannot find it. If everything is pointless, then you're not that sharp. If everything were meaningless it would be meaningless to say so. This is the disarming charm I use against people like you. A kind of magic that shows meaninglessness can be akin to valuelessness or pricelessness, obviously to you it's of valuelessness because "everything is pointless" is being said in strong association to that of "committing suicide", to others, like me, it's priceless, I know my answer is beyond words, but all I have are words to save you with, perhaps my bait trail of breadcrumbs will hook you to a gingerbread house to the wicked witch who'll test your character and bring you out of the oven baked like a fish cake, ready for you to try your hand at fishing for fishermen who too will catch the lost from the river of styx and bring them breathless, as they wish, craving for breath and more of it and to say at cyclical things not of "not this again" but renewed into nostalgic twines of the good old times. The threads you bare on your outter rim, share with us that your light is dim, and perhaps you need to be thinking of a new globe or a new dimension before anyone might manage to answer your question.

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