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Coded language is where we speak with layers upon layers of meaning. Ascento-secrecy is where we aim to accelerate through it. If you haven't tried thinking outside of the box, then wait till you hear about this.

    Step one: Never believe what you read or hear or think or know.
    Step two: Take the closest example of language near you and apply the ascento-secrecy principle.
    Step three: "Thinking outside the box" becomes "listening outside the square".
    Step four: Rinse and repeat, baby, that's how we grow.
    Forever step: join me on BabylonPolice.com so you can see what I mean, and we can mean to see.

Client Testimonials

  • I really value our early day Glocal discussions. You brought deep and original perspectives each time. Those were great moments... You're hands down one of the most talented people I have ever met.

    David Taube
  • I was tested to have an IQ of 160, but I think your's is higher. (ex-politician, councilman, owned many businesses, and was my mentor during years 11-12).

    Martin McManus
  • just know that you have attained the status in my mind as the face of enlightened Australia


    Sources: Quote, Quote

  • The two areas you excel are education and intelligence, they are your strong points

    My Psychiatrist

    Sources: My Tribe

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