a letter to a nihilist

A Letter To A Nihilist Nihilism is such that on first appearances is a 'I give up' stage to life's competition over intelligence and what ultimately began as a struggle to stand up and use increasingly more capable tools, occasionally is a trip into unspeakably more complex often-claimed true hallucinations, and then to fall back into what started out as skepticism but lead to total anti-gullibility to the point of origin thought "oh god, what are my A Priori's if Philosophy at large hasn't even figured that out yet." The A Priori was, perhaps, as they least suspected, that they were idiots. Or so the kid in me would say. Well, actually the A Priori is that you can have A Priori's, as in, you can remember truth as if it always existed, that is the process of discovering truth, going further back into your memory. That, being the first A Priori, is that there can indeed be rabbit holes, is the first thing, that singularities of thought exist. And, in a similar viewpoint, thoughts can take shape also. Simultaneous enshapements are common in the complex land of the conceptual. What takes the form of a God and Christ miracle complex worshipping belief system is merely just the propagation of grandfather clockwork up in the tool shed of compounding complexity, almost as if the metaphorical shape is actually a hyper literal formation of what that belief system instills within the children. Thus, we should be weary of typesetting this nihilist into a metaphorical shape, else it becomes the hyper literal formation of that character, profusely alcoholic and glaringly terrible at overall life performance, notwithstanding my non-lack of either. The creatives take on it would be to relive it younger and slightly different until we work out some kind of answer to replicating newness as often as we abstain from war. Now that someone has been a nihilist it creates the ability for someone to be like me. A tripped out nihilist. If everything were meaningless it would be meaningless to say so. But it's not so it isn't, it's disheartening, and if meaning is what we are after, finding it is a job of the heart on not the mind. But still you persist, and so I say, if everything were meaningless what is meaningless to some could be valueless to one and priceless to another. Some are optimistic nihilists, they laugh about how meaningless things are as if they are paid by the hour to laugh in joy about how nothing matters. And so, if your a nihilist know, that it doesn't matter that you're a nihilist, but the fact that you are probably makes you also indecisive and all-round undecided on what it is you would like to achieve in this life that is privy to compounding bifurcation of novelty being habituated in increasingly higher fashions. With the unknown only becoming increasingly surmountable and overpass-able in shorter and shorter periods of time. I wonder, can man's boredom grow as fast as his intelligence, or is that what makes it grow? To believe in total meaninglessness certainly appears like a give up and half masted rage quit. To be so quickly convinced that nothing could matter when if nothing were a quantifiable thing I think it would matter, it would matter a whole lot. Why? Because I'm a tripper that's why, take a look at this: 1. Everything is greater than nothing. 2. Everything is the greatest thing. 3. Thus nothing is greater than everything. This 1, 2, 3 cycle can repeat indefinitely. And it just so matters which day of the day it is what day you fall on, if it's a 1 day, you grow, if it's a 2 day, you peak, if it's a 3 day, you start again. Nihilists are what we call 'on a 3 day' and so are the primest of candidates to start again and move on to a grow day. How does that happen? By seeding the facts of the matter that if the human body doesn't become ever increasingly resilient to all forms of death however accidental and increasingly less purposeful and less accumulation of the intent to be purposeful in acquiring death. It is life that is compounding, not intelligence, if the creature can persist long enough to persist long enough, then it might only persist. What we are witnessing with compounding complexity is the creation of the immortals, it just depends what forms they take. Will the immortals have exquisite tastes for primitive senses of humor so as to remember what it was like in the good old days of being immortal? Or will their biological predilections force them to become bored with immortality and worship and want to become beast of fur and feather of fields aplenty in space afoot. Or to respawn, endlessly competing in battles raging millenia. Have some creativity mere nihilist, if it were all meaningless why would you have chosen to be here. Oh, you didn't choose to be here? Oh, that's right, you forgot how to create a reality where having predefinitively chosen to be here instilling a predefinitive reason to empower and secure that choice. If I only had one sentence to say to a nihilist in parting ways it would be today that hey, watch your rorschach or it'll watch you.

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