questions about a trip

Questions About Leading A Trip I tripped with a group of people, but became far too scared of the feeling of telepathy and subconsciousness of others rubbing off on me. I tripped at a rave and again, too much stimulation and nervousness resulted, and I could sense many others were similar. Instead, I trip alone. That allows me to experiment with set and setting via a laptop. In this way it's like placing a frog in water and bringing it to the boil, I worked my way through viewing standard kids movies, to suspense and horror, all the while imagining that it was 'true' in 'another reality', so to speak. This brings me to a realisation that there are indeed many levels to the imagination. The imagination forms in layers based on the order of belief acquisition. Once a player has been deprogrammed from their original beliefs, psychedelics produce a conduciveness and susceptibility to being able to believe in 'the imaginable'. Rational psychonauts try to avoid this at all costs and simply sit at a Null point of having no beliefs other than rationality and a tendency towards solipsism and nihilism, among a few other -isms on the board. The alternative is to use this susceptibility and the rational psychonautic approach, start at these points, seeing as people seem to pool there naturally, and try to 'build a house out of a wood that doesn't burn', that is, to acquire beliefs that are true enough. Once they are acquired they can become reflective upon close inspection. Here I'll discuss some common experience-associated beliefs that arise and analyse them and see if it's worth putting on the memory list. From experience I can say to 'plant the seeds by their kind for the fruits they bear', if you come up with an experience that isn't worth remembering, sometimes we choose to forget until we are ready to deal with them. "Matters of Mind" are generally such that they are left un-done, seeing as it is infinitely bigger than the pace at which we deal with it. ALL IS ONE So, this one is easily the most common, not always the first. You'll notice somehow that all things exist within their self-transformational capacity to become all other things. A simple, static webpage, on a trip, can be more alive than a friend. Reality will begin to reform based on your perception and appear to have a consciousness wanting to communicate meaning to you. Semantically, it's not possible to distinguish this from a hallucination, however, it is very common for an 'all is one' hallucination to breach the natural order of things. Trans-dimensional creatures can occasionally pass an object with them and leave it behind, and 'breaking the fourth wall' can leave you noticing hyper-meaningful situations for weeks on end, things that remind you of the heightened-emotional energy you felt at the time. ALL IS MIND This, really, is just an extension of the previous with a union with an element of the statement "mind over matter". Essentially this becomes telepathic, telekinetic and very yin-yang / karma, where if you push for something it will prevent you from getting it, or if you think you've had an overly wonderful time, some people around you will instinctively worry. EVERYTHING IS A REFLECTION This is closely related to the first one, except that you'll start to notice that it can appear impossible to detect sarcasm, the way you read text can determine what you take in from it, that intent is incredibly difficult to determine, and that momentary consciousness is like a tree of the forest (when you're in a moment you're forgetting all the bits in your blindspot (formed by confirmation bias)). If there's anything else you noticed or would like to ask, send me a message. I'll be writing more on this, there's a lot of 'beliefs' to experiment with, and remembering them honestly can be like magic. donkeycon@protonmail.com

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