# JackDonMcLovin is all my personal writings, free or for sale. We will find there will be a general incompatibility between genetic alterations whereby it flows in a series of yin yangs under karma. With a "haha sucked in" you can't get genetic alteration 236 50 B because you don't have 50 A and 236's are incompatible with 23530, hence the 5 by 6 is 30 and we have our 50's. You don't have arms so you don't get the opportunity for fingers, type deal. It could stem from "long ago" you chose to eat white bread consistently rather than vegie munch like a panda all day, or someone invented clocks and they took over people's brains where they get all in a fuss and a rush and eventually ruin your day. How long since the babylonians and rush makers started making a mess? Property per dollar, dollar per life, type deal. Everyone gets only a snapshot into each other's lives and each other's minds and behaviours, and all of a sudden they not only can judge but must judge you and your character and your place in all of this. Like a rushed up fuss maker. There's a tension in the air and you can cut it with a knife, and that's the difference between written text read in a passive voice of either gloom, doom, perspiration, or all three, so as whatever it takes to give about the consistencies of their behaviours of thinking. And it takes dissolving that tension by framing the experiment the right way. What is the path from current understandings to that of the maximally having improved understandings, and how do we find that path, and how do we follow through on the path? How do we change our minds as much as they are capable of changing? Well, we ask questions, like the ones I've asked here that reframe the experiment. But that's not even the experiment, it's on a whole different layer of pathing from the tension in the air, where I can speak like I'm cutting with a knife, because the empathy is not only there, it responds. You respond. I respond. I respond to the respondent of myself, how did I get here and where am I going, and how much of myself must I change to get there? We must hypothesize, and then either experiment or deduce that from either answer you will have either situation, or so much more of a different situation that you can losely say your situation is implied. So there. We have situations and we have mind. Do you mind if I put it like that? If mind looks at itself enough, doesn't it all in all on average angle upwards, towards dreams stacked on dreams, ideas upon ideas. But can you imagine it in yourself that this would be what it was that would need to happen in order for there to be steps in your mind that you can ascend. Ideas are, quantifiable. If I write into text with a framing in mind, I may or may not come back to the angle it took to write it, but I do know it is in the depths of anger that we find the coal-fuel to boil our steamers and fume us into writing the winds of bewildermint onto a page. Anger that I lost this, or dropped that, mostly anger really is just annoyed that you forgot to not ever stoop to feeling annoyed. You feed yourself into the idea out of climbing through the sharp cliff face of daily only-ever-a-snapshot of other people's lives. Measure them on any criteria and they'll fall through on near most of them, you can't be all things at all times. These market forces ought to breed the market product of a worker with excellence for the work. But in a linguistic sense. Those who say "I choose not to be annoyed" are the ones who can also say "I choose not to be bored" or "I choose not to give in to the idea of habits", there is and there is not, that is, but also can not be, and kind of is both and neither at the same time, we don't get it, that's what there is to get, we don't get it, so we have the right to make things up. Just. Just make sure it works, or it works for you, or it works in the world, or more to the point, it works by law, and by laws be bound, then so be it, it's not a matter of an argument to convince everyone to all know how not to be a drain on the place, or how to make sense and not make sense and be understood by everyone of all ages sizes and shapes at all times under all reasonings, that's a finite subset view of a person that once you've seen it and describe it, to the rush-makers is a black and white also known as grey area situation where all the color is lost and the boundlessness of the experience and therefore experiencer is put down to 12 boxes, 2316 lines on the report a few base assumptions, and the rest is by the law and law's command so rush it round the clock before I die because I've got children with dreams and have to make ends meet. So it kinda makes sense, but kinda doesn't really. I'm happy to not be understood by people, if I can't understand why. Same goes for both of us. We can't disagree if neither of us get it, and we can agree on that. So how about I just leave it there to puzzle you. Language that rides, and takes you nowhere. To me. That's the susbtance of the building blocks of what we are meant to use. It should tie us into the nature of our world. But not be used to force people around. All force should be used for is to prevent the use of force. It might be a MAD idea, but if I was God, I'd say at least it fucking works. God is the creature that can say anything it wants, and probably would given the right situation. And mind. Rest assured some part of it works enough for me to have my coffee without ever having to really talk to anyone.

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