future human sex

Future Human Sex So, it occurred to me one day after connecting a few dots together. I was thinking about evolution, how genetics encodes for proteins and the mutations within genetics can only grow in certain ways – we can’t all of a sudden have wings, there must be a few (likely thousands of) stepping stones towards that milestone. Ever seen one of those many [NSFW] porn videos featuring chicks with huge clits? [NSFW] Well this got me thinking: perhaps, seeing as humans usually have two gonads – women have two ovaries, men have two testicles – it could be possible for a he-she to be born with one fully functioning ovary and one fully functioning testicle, a clitoris as big as a penis and a vagina intact with a womb. Once that miracle-demon-baby is born, whomever it has children with has a good chance of producing similarly formed offspring, or could even have some on its own. hesheart They could swing either way and have children, and possibly even have children with themselves as a sole parent – a kind of cloning that still shuffles the genome as it is produced through meiosis. Interesting kinds of inheritance can emerge, whereby a Heterozygous duo-parent (let’s call it duparent) can have both kinds of Homozygous offspring with themselves. For example, some men have 1 gene for red hair and so grow a partially red beard, one of these people could have their own children, 1 quarter of which are completely ginger, 1 quarter are completely non-ginger and half are partially ginger. With things like resistance to certain pathogens, and novel mutations giving rise to new genotypes and potentially new phenotypes, the evolution towards the better type can occur one generation faster. Of course, we will have to get over our fear of inbreeding to do so. Now, there has already been an instance of a man born with a womb and getting a hysterectomy! Combine the few ‘negative’ mutations and we have ourselves a positive effect, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” (Genderist language is a work in progress) Obviously, the Future Human will need to have working breasts as well to nourish their young, but the lack of this does not entirely impede the progress of this genetic advancement. Future Human Sex will likely include dick-in-vag x 2, each partner is both giving and taking – sharing is caring! This of course means that it will look like a 69r rotated 180 degrees laterally – two impregnations with one copulation. We all know evolution favours efficient reproduction in terms of energy expenditure. The positives – Efficiency of impregnation, efficiency of novel inheritance (greater adaptability), no gender discrimination, reproduction by a singular duparent, titties willies and pussies for everyone! The negatives – potential race-war (some religions might get involved too), philosophical reconsideration of incest. To me seems better than it is worse, mathematically and subjectively, so I welcome our new Future Human Sex. Let me know if come up with any more pros and cons.

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