thought police

There was an article on the onion that reads "Gay Conversion Therapists Claim Most Patients Fully Straight By The Time They Commit Suicide" which struck a similarity-resonance with me for: Thought Police Claim Most Schizophrenics Fully Accept Their Diagnosis By The Time They Commit Suicide Where said Thought Police are doctors and nurses, and schizophrenics and psychotics can be lumped together. Now, their symptomological classification system that arrives at diagnoses such as ADHD, ODD, Schizophrenia and Psychosis are pretty basic biological systems that are slowly being uncovered in a way that, what is merely, over-skeptical people, such as the so-called paranoid, can understand and agree with. Things like pine bark extract countering ADHD while preventing negatives from cigarettes, and ephedra for the euphoria and memory, cigarettes for the release of anxiety, lyrica for the calmness, lsd for the creativity and disinhibition, and low-dose alcohol for blood pressure and sugar-free calories to prevent scaring caused by sugar, should all be a standard prescription for any human being. Actually, this should not need a prescription. Most animals only limit themselves to a few numbers of species to eat, and things like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, milk, beef, in the literal 'stock standard' makeup that is common culture has very little to do with anti-aging practices. Half the reason people are called psychotic or schizophrenic is because they have attachments to things counter to some figmentary conceptualization of normalcy. They have a method of finding out their own internal truths based on something other than peer-review. And, when it comes down to it, scientific truths are, if true, true before they get peer-reviewed, which means that scientific method of peer review is not 'the' method that gets us anywhere. The methods for finding truth exist, albeit are hard-to-define, and when defined are arbitrary unique to the individual that it becomes so hard to express to other people that it evidentiarily doesn't get across. When in actuality, schizophrenics, when decided are schizophrenics should be connected to other schizophrenics for tips and tricks with dealing with schizophrenia, not high-dose inactogens (agents/substances that cause inactivity rather than improvement) like the standard antipsychotic. Becoming overwhelmingly depressed is key to being in the moment where a certain level of truth must be accepted, and should be supported rather than stigmatized. Becoming overwhelmingly excited (manic) is key to being in the moment where a certain level of truth must be expressed, and should be supported rather than stigmatized. If someone could make a post saying "i'm manic" except interchange the word manic for another new word that also isn't bored, and have anyone else in the same mindset willing to group up and talk about and do that very thing on your mind, perhaps needing to help someone else first in order to group up in a way that is likeminded and capable of achieving the change envisioned. For example, one person I met in hospital was called psychotic because she worked as a mother and payed all of the rent and food bills and started schitsing at her ex boyfriend to help out, so he took her to the hospital claiming something was wrong with her. One person I met in hospital was called psychotic because she had been raped and was scared for life in a way that called out to spiritual forces and broke her reality in a supposedly hallucinatory way, except that it was mostly dealing with ideas like free-roaming AI, something I had encountered before my arrival also. But, being heartbroken, she didn't have the heart for legal action. Another I met was in hospital because of the stress of medicine loans, failure, and the effort needed to become a doctor mixed with unsurety of what to do in the world allthewhile being a notorious hairpuller. She simply needed support in having the time to explore her options before jumping ship from school to uni and sprinting to the unthought out capitalist work-life cycle. Another I met in hospital was only there because he liked Speed, no, he loved speed, and that was about all that was 'wrong' with him. He was a good person to me, mind you, he had to be. The way we deal with mental health is so mentally unhealthy, it would take a miracle born child to at first recognise it, and then to fix it, however, those that are of 'good health' are merely those who decide to not really think much because they were never convinced of skepticism. The concept of gullibility got them so that they were already skeptical of skepticism and didn't need to learn it's lessons, but because their awareness wasn't of self-awareness they never grew to be able to use their skepticism as the powerful tool it is. As much as I have been diagnosed schizophrenic, I don't think the police are coming in the door anytime soon, I think I could act in a way that they would arrive, and have done so in the past without it being enough for such a response in my books, but if I were to attract their attention again, it would be because I have the upper hand and am being asked for advice rather than being told that the law says to obey the law. When clearly, with the fact that I am unable to record their activity, shows that without transparent mastery of the law, how can I know what I am really obeying? The answer comes down to one important part of legislation, that freedom for an individual to believe what they like. For example that 'obedience' means 'death', and 'law' means 'corruption' and 'corruption' means 'shit' and 'shit' means 'start again'. I believe that with all the legislation there is to read in the world and the options for legal systems to have, one could waste their entire life deciding what is the best life to live, and in so doing, I believe, would have wasted it. That is to say, bureaucracy is Vogon-ism, legislation is co-dependence, and the only escape from it is to 'put your money where your mouth is' and dine on the most secure financial system in the world, that or the most efficient, or whatever most-ness crpyto avails you. But to anyone who says cryptography is a bubble doesn't realise that their AUD or USD could actually be the bubble, and that conceptually, tax may become like a tithe once again where it is indeed voluntary and therefore not hyper corruptible in the sense of multi-layered intelligence (aka secrecy) operations, multinational commerce security fought for by those not able to succeed without the plans of their forefathers in a utopic way of life. In this world one could either obey the system, or create more obedience under the system. But now we have another option, re-write the system from scratch where each person gets to choose specifically what system they are in obedience to. The question becomes, which re-writing is the best and which will become the best. Or perhaps a more important question becomes "Why", why does a new currency become the best.

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