creating morality

Creating Morality It seems like a good thing to be moral. I mean, it seems like a moral thing to be moral. That is, it seems like a good thing to be good. That is, goodness exists for goodness sake. Morality insists upon itself. It's a self-creating concept. And, if God, being all Good things, were to exist, it would need to be created out of the purest and most refined form of goodness for the sake of it. So out rises from the ashes of morality, goodness for the sake of it breeding goodness for the sake of it, a need to create a god and yet out of the god of this morality it is supposed that is origin of our universe's creation. Now, if it could be that one miracle of a beginning, I might suppose that it could also be that one miracle of a beginning from the end. ...how to measure the size of an assumption... (Reflective statement, side 1) The question is, are we the upright in wanting to create a God as expressed by our actions of continued rebreeding of morality. (Reflective statement, side 2) Or are we upright in believing that the God that created us in freedom (how we fall short of glory) was inherently moral in doing so. That is to say, that Abrahamic religion is the belief that the highest of morality creates the freedom to exist without it, but those with the freedom to exist without it tend to use self-creating logic of morality in order to create highest of morality. That is to say, that Abrahamic religion is the belief that time is a complete loop, and the end is from whence we come, that time is space, that is, now and here, or nowhere specific. That universes can be created housed within each other and anything could be anything, if only you would suspect it. But. If the end were the beginning, then couldn't outside also be inside, perhaps it is our search for knowledge that actually expands space, and once we know enough about warp-holes, space might already be infinitely big, and besides, space can refer to that vacuum where all planets lay, or it could refer to the volume inside a box or an area between two chairs. Maybe it's only how we refer to things that improves with time, and what we currently refer to as the edge of the universe is actually just a distance so far that the chance light makes it to you from there becomes as close enough to zero that it becomes dark, or that this darkness is just a baseline reference for the light wavelengths we can pick up, after all light wavelengths don't seem to have an end point or a beginning point, but they are musically fractal, and so why not both ends be the same? The question still remains, do we go back to an older morality passed on with beliefs in God needing worship, or do we go forwards and create a god out of iteratively improving morality, the amount of goodness in a society for the sake of it. Well, do we go on to exploring the external with science, or the internal with psychedelics? The answer, it seems, is both. We become gods, or God, when we are good to each other. This is why scientific and rational thinking is not enough for a meaningful life, there need be creativity, that is, a way of rewriting paradoxes into self-insisting truths, a way of viewing language in a multi-modal fashion.

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