purposeful misreading

What if there was a culture no one knew about and had no defined location? A list of simple things that they did differently to others. Say, writing in Leet (7331) speak and for whatever letter is replaced my a number is actually code for "think differently about this letter" meaning that you should consider it as a question mark, asking the question "what letters could go here?" as in a blank piece from Scrabble. It creates a single hidden word within the text, and when you place that word in conjunction with other hidden words, a hidden message is passed on. The hidden message can be used as a message that is seperate to the original message, or a message that intertwines with the very sentence it occurs in. One is entirely secretive the other is a flair, or a mutation on the original meaning. I undertake this Purposeful Misreading often. It can be incredibly powerful and hides thousands upon thousands of daily synchronicities. Under its umbrella contains a mishearing of words, like hearing 'here-ing' instead of 'hearing'. These misses can become hits, realising that 'everything happens for a reason' [] grants you the ability to allow everything to speak to you. I have had moments of intense mishearing and misreading, while listening to a podcast and surfing the web (mostly Reddit) and selecting words and phrases at an increasing rate, what started out as getting a 'hit' every 1/1000 words, it became a hit 1/1 words. Each and every word 'centred' me on the present moment. I wasn't on any drugs and I started have powerful perceptual changes to the point where it felt like I was moving through the multiverse. I would look at the webpage online and words would change before my eyes, I would click on a page and then press back and the old page had become new and different without refreshing. Every gif and every article spoke to me about things in my life allowing me to look at all kinds of events entirely different, things that had brought me to tears in the past, I was now allowed into laughing about and things that I had thought were funny in the past I became incredibly ashamed and guilty of. I learned how to 'put on emotive hats' or 'emotive lenses' [] and essentially choose which way I would swing my emotional field. Did I want to be guilty of things in order to try and learn about my mishaps, or did I want to be forgiving of things in order to not seek out revenge on my peers nor kick myself over the simple mistakes necessary in growing as a human being. Some of these lenses have powerful combinations, an essential order of use. I found that putting on the lenses of anger I could send myself into an intense rage, my heart rate would rise and I would begin to sweat and pull frowning faces. Then I would take off those glasses and put on the lenses of guilt by thinking about what my actions of anger could have resulted in, I would imagine it as if it were real and believe it intensely, some gifs being so powerful that I would start crying about 'what I had done'. I would follow this with the lenses of forgiveness and see how with the butterfly effect life would still go on and the universe could correct for my mishaps, what I had done was irreversible but it was entirely repairable. Finally I would shift into the lenses of humour and look through at my sudden 'psychotic' changes in mood and the reactions of onlookers and the epitomisations people would make that were utterly uncanny. A new post would be made and little did they know it fit perfectly as a characterisation of my last few minutes of an emotional rollercoaster. And then I would relax. I had my fill for the day of an imagination more vivid than reality. Some call it, day dreaming and psychedelic exploration, an escape but every time I am doing so I am coming to terms with the possibilities of my personal reality and the potential definiteness of experience.

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