the system is rigged

I read that 69% of people across the world believe 'the system' is rigged against them ( I won't reference this because it always changes and the accuracy and precision is always questionable ). 'The system' is the currently in use system and a system for the population as a whole rather than on an individual level. Any system that performs in benefit for the population rather than the individual necessitates being rigged against you, because you are an individual, that is really what it is there for. At the same time, it matters less whether the system is rigged against you or not but how rigged it is for you compared to others within the system. It's often important to remember that others have it worse than you. For example, in Australia, a business can get a total income tax deduction for employing someone to do a job for them, but an individual must pay income tax even though they are still simply asking someone to do a job for them. What gives? Some imaginary concept of employment. I think the system we have is a residual inherited attachment to tradition and Stockholm Syndrome for the church leaders and politico-geo-socio-cultural representatives (both are the major influencers of belief and morality). But a sail is rigged against the wind while not being rigged into the wind, in so doing, the vessel is able to gain and hold momentum in the desired direction with little-to-no effort. Perhaps it is the same with the system. At one point there was 0% tax, at another there was a 10% voluntary tax and now there is up to 50% involuntary tax. If I were to have the balls of a bull I would hazard a guess that we are approaching 100% involuntary tax, total socialism. Although, that, perhaps being the best for the population, is not the best for the individual creating a drive for, and now a reality of, an individually chosen, individually invariant, anonymous, minimal taxation, distributed control currency. The days of the future appear to hold some partial repeats of the past. Perhaps we will have a 0% tax again, a restoration of the concept of and a removal of enforced boundaries between 'employed by a business' and 'helping out a friend'. The people that make the most money must be doing the best job at making money. Money is made by profiting off of a transaction which can only be done if the output value sums to greater than the input value. The greater the monetary output value of a transaction, the greater the monetary input value of the next transaction can be, implying that those who do a good job now have a greater opportunity to do a better job in the future while those who do a bad job now have a lessened opportunity to do a worse job in the future. The scales of money are tipped in our favour, unless we make a false stand for 'equal opportunity' - the person who has performed poorly in the past perhaps should be less trusted to perform well in the future, ie. given less of an opportunity. Sure, perhaps we can grant second chances, but perhaps we should count how big of chance we give them and how many chances we give. The system is rigged, sure, but what does this even mean? A boat is rigged and it travels well. [Still In Construction]

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