my second trip

My Second Trip: Psilocybe cubensis I had worked out when the local shroom season was and asked a friend who lived near a Pine Forest that I had searched in it’s entirety if he knew of any places where I could find Psilocybes. He asked a friend (O) and was pointed to a specific location in the Forest where they pick them each year. So we organised to go picking that weekend after University was over. I came over to O’s place, we went out to the forest and found probably a kilogram of fresh shrooms. We were sure to do the ‘flick before you pick’ to spread the spores back into the ground, and we used scissors to cut the stems so we didn’t pull the mycelial web out of it’s rooting position. We took them back to his house and ate about 12 each, which worked out to be approximately 3-5 dried grams. Having both never tripped before, it was a ballsy move. But we sat down to watch some Adventure Time (which we were both shocked was on TV, seeing as we’ve never seen it televised). We texted our mates and about 6 more people rocked up at around the time it kicked in. The colour from the TV was painted all across the walls, characters would be on the wall before they walked on-screen and would be on the wall when they walked off-screen; it was like the TV and the wall were one, the wall was an extension of the TV – it suddenly made sense why TV’s are always positioned up against a wall. We head out to the back of his house to the big shed with a pool table, fireplace, 3 couches and a bong. I had brought along a full ounce of top quality gang-sourced hydro for the occasion and shouted all the lads. They all chomped down around 10-15 each. I tried joining in with a game of pool, and went to take a shot and ended up just staring down the cue while my mind spun over realisation after realisation – no epiphanies yet, just a new perspective on recent ideas. What felt like 10 minutes passed and my friend asked “Oi, are you gonna take the shot?” “Woops, sorry guys.” I took the shot and continued pondering. With four of us playing, it still wasn’t long until my shot came around again, and again I got side-tracked. The third time it happened in a row, I decided to sit it out. I smoked a bong and pondered whatever it was. After the game ended I had the chance to talk to my friend C. It wasn’t long until the Buddhism I had been reading about suddenly hit for real. I became aware of my awareness, and then aware of this realisation, and gained an awareness of that…and so on for an infinity of awareness in but a moment. My eyes were wider than an owl and I decided I needed to sit down. I stared into the lights hanging over the pool table and saw the All Seeing Eye like that atop of the Pyramid on the USA $1 bill. It was glistening in 3 colours within the light and it told me by feeling “Here you are. You made it.” 1 of my friends, A, had taken them once before, so after seeing The Eye I asked him, “so what do you do on shrooms?” He replied: “You know, just chill, have a cup of tea, and just chill, man.” Of course, I thought, that’s the perfect thing for this place. So I sat in front of the fire and looked at A. He turned into a radiance of super-positional states; I could see an infinity of A in the one place, as though there were so many ways A could be A, but this one was The A for a reason, it was the best A for the me I am. We smoked bong after bong, and I went outside for a cigarette. Breathing this smoke in I wondered: what the fuck am I doing, what the fuck is this, inhaling smoke? I thought maybe I should quit. Nah, not now, this is too hectic. Moral: 1. I am Awareness itself – I am that I am. 2. Everything around me is the best version of themselves for the me that I am.

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