reactionary mindfulness

Instead of creating a place where you simply want or need to be aware of as many things of everything that you can take note of you create a place where you instinctively pick it up in the action of grasping; even if you make a mistake make it as least negatively implicative, out of the set of known possible conjectures, as possible (also implying that the unknown possible conjectures are to be able to never move on far enough so as to be compared, facilitated by a duality of stance in regards to implication, since they are currently being compared facilitated by a duality of knowing). Mindfulness, at least to me, involves becoming aware of everything I can in my consciousness. To begin with, certain events take some time to comprehend and take note of without 'slanted words'; first I notice the event, then I notice how I feel about the event, then I notice whether I want to change the feeling I had, then I notice whether I want to change the event. As with most things, 'practice makes perfect' and so the process of mindfulness becomes a reflex. In this way, by experiencing the event itself only the slightest attention need be paid to the occurrence and a calm and considered response is calculated and delivered in a moments notice. A place where you instinctively pick up the noticing in the action of being aware of the occurrence. Very quickly meditation / tripping becomes a lot about reflection on the past, present and future alike and performing what some call 'energy work'. Essentially, you observe the event and let it go in one swift action. I frequent this place and feel my heart gaining Arrhythmias and my body vibrating and ears ringing heavily during a visionary experience. With a mere intent and focus the energy is leashed by attention, caged up by an inhale, and removed with an exhale. It reminds me of when I have worked on a farm and moved chickens from one pen into another. Most of them go into their house that is on a trailer and are driven easily across, shifting perhaps 200 at once. The remainder of the chickens are roaming about and must be collected one-by-one with nothing but a dive and a quick grasp. We collect about 10 into a single cage and then move the cage over to the new pen. In this way, we can do 80% of our energy work with only 20% of the effort by reflecting on a group of memories (whether they are past or future) and shifting them quickly and then digging through the old, mouldy and festered ones. I might add, it makes sense to me to use the word 'thosenes' when we are talking about consciousness. Thosenes are some combination of 'thoughts', 'sentiments' and 'energy'. I learnt it from Demystifying the Out-Of-Body Experience. Reactionary Mindfulness is just mindfulness that has been practiced enough to be able to be done without setting aside a specific time for 'classic' meditation. This technique seems to build up a list in one's short term memory of thosenes, and then with a psychedelic-assisted meditation session those thosenes can be transfigured; the perspective on them is modified by inspection and facilitating what some call letting-go.

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