So I found a torrent for the name of something that resonated with something I conjectured to be powerful in Dream language, or symbolism, or meaningness, and it's the only place to fully believe in particles known as Tachyons. Now, it just so happens that earlier in my life, on my first trip of mushrooms I was considering Einstein's theory of relativity, simply the time dilation equation and e=m*c*c. I essentially realised that all his theory was, was simply that light having no mass was also it's implicit limit on matter's infinitesimal relativistic speed. And, if it were to exist would implicate the possibility of the existence of things beyond that limit that cannot traverse backwards through another infinity breach of energy, that is to say, it would take an act of god to transform something from matter to tachyonic or back. And, as it happens, tachyons have what in mathematics comes out to be imaginary matter but very real speed, that is to say, they are imaginary vibrations and objects. But what's an imaginary thing doing in natural experiential language? Well, it's travelling backwards through time, so it's the ability to rewrite your own past. But dealing with these particles would have to be done carefully, otherwise one might create infinite loops of the future creating the past, of sons being their own fathers. And so it happens that it has been conjectured that it indeed took an act of god to create consciousness, and so perhaps this is saying that things of our imagination is a very, not exactly real but equivalent in weighting and matter to the real, to it being able to change reality so much so as altering the past, then perhaps it is even our consciousness that originally created the reality of matter that we are in. That is to say consciousness is like a tree with roots in earth and leaves in the air, but consciousness has memories and experiences of matter, and meanings and power of mind. Or in other words the theory of reality being a simulation is equivalent to a universal state of solipsism with multiple divergent realities existing in their own relativities interacting in a way that builds up to a god head moment that rewrites the past and then we move on to creating the next god head moment, except that it is actually each and every continuous moment that is a god head moment because we are altering the memory of the very experience we are in by being in it, it is only the consciousness that we have that influences change. So it is Source that changes reality, All Consciousness, the sum total of Tachyons that were required to start time. Suppose throughout the existence of matter there was supposed to be the generation of a kind of omnipotent being, what might be a supercomputer like The Egg by Andy Weir, or what to me seems to be just any old consciousness being in the right mind-state. Then if it were to think, should it believe that it's father was in the right in fathering him, that is to say, was God right in creating you? Was that ultimately a good move? Well yes, you would father yourself if you had to, or at least, that what's what Tachyon theory suggests and is naturally implied by the theory of relativity. Now, have you ever seen an optical illusion whereby something looks like its getting bigger but actually it's just getting closer to you? I suggest that reality is on single consistent unchanging god body viewed from different angles so that what we view normally is being a human being, and that being anything else requires some kind of psychedelic, and that as time goes on people end up taking so many psychedelics that they get to live 1000s upon 1000,000s of hours and lifetimes in other conscious forms in what appears to be backwards time travelling dream states to account for all the objects in their own lives. That is to say, as time goes on, we are to experience more of what it means to be like another individual, because if consciousness was how tachyons interact with matter and tachyons were actually the essence of a concept, that is to say, tachyonic theory would allow us to describe every known paradox. And it is through defining paradoxes that we elucidate what is good behaviour. So, in a way Einstein kickstarted the theory for which we can use logic to define good behaviour in the way of defining tachyonic matter as paradoxes. Perhaps this good behaviour is extensible to all evolved conscious beings, thus making as able to postulate the perceptions of different animals, or to become higher races. But, what tachyons also mean, is that if there was a God that exists at the origin of time, not just at the end of time (as suggested by secularism), then we would be able to transmit information through consciousness back to God through prayer. The question is, when you find the magic lamp and ask the Genie for three wishes, the first question isn't whether or not you should ask for a million wishes, but if you can have those infinite wishes handed out to you in an exponential fashion so that you could always hold your attention for new wishes? That is to say, it's a way of proving that things we create in our heads with a paradoxical nature have a way of teaching us how to still think logically about what it would imply for us in order to perfect the experience of being in the now. So go, and trip, and create endless fantasy paradoxes, or explore ones that already exist, because reading the crazy stuff can show you what you should be doing now. And what better is it than reading a book about doing what you should be doing, the ultimate distraction is something that is conducive to you. So even trying to escape this reality you can only find more ways to improve it.

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