ever present metaphors

I tend to look at everything in as many ways as possible. I once heard someone, in response to someone saying "I'm bored", say "maybe you're boring". I saw it as profound. I realised I say it all the time. I used to say it as a kid. I was always bored. I'd seen everything once. I'd tripped and seen so many fractals, so many things that shouldn't be possible occurring right in front of me and often under my own control. I've read so many things on the internet and made the weirdest google searches under the mental guise of "I wonder what that looks like, I haven't seen that before." That was my go-to guise, I wore that mask many times trying to get another snort of a line of not-being-bored. It would keep me going, nourish my curiosity and feed my hungry mind for a while meanwhile throwing a stick across my path that I must pick up (and get to pick up and take with me, I had no idea at the time that I would need sticks later) just to continue the way I am going. And it's through picking up stray debris that I would make the connection towards certain kinds of metaphors. The prerequisite for finding an ever-present metaphor is finding an often-present metaphor, obviously. But in some sense we can never know if there are such things as ever-present metaphors, because we have yet to live forever. So really there can only ever be known to be often-present metaphors, and yet, still I will make the claim that I have found ever-present metaphors. It takes time to notice them, and, in my case at least, perhaps as a result of drug use. Or, at least perhaps, the drug use makes it more powerful, grants a higher fidelity visualisation and yields a clearer representation of the potential idea. For example every article I read I first read it the way I think it was intended. Then I read it again ( until the skill developed and I could read in multiple ways simultaneously ) as if there were mistakes, again as if it were a direct, and partially encoded, message to me specifically for this point in time in my life, again as if it was about Universal Consciousness as a whole: the title describing a name for Consciousness and the body describing a way it can be perceived to behave, and again as if it was about the Multiversal Consciousness in totality: the title describing a spirit that occurs in every reality and the body describing its behaviour as it takes form in each of those realities. I began to find more and often-present metaphors and made conjectures about there being ever-present metaphors also, the number of conjectures is always on the rise - granting me a belief of continued maintaining of satiety of boredom through conscious focus. Some days I wake up in the morning, feeling tired and out of it and a little dazed and lost. Then I hear someone speaking and immediately turn on my focus and start fishing for ideas. When I get a bite I spend some time reeling it in, and now I have hundreds of bites and get more bites than I have time to reel in meaning I am getting multiple new bites before finishing reeling in a single one. One of my favourite ever-present metaphors is that of Multiverse-Title[]. It caused me to break up how I read so much so suddenly that for a couple of days I forgot how to read normally. I was stuck in this headspace pondering this one idea, essentially like after catching so many fish I made a perfect combo that was discounted at a particular shop and so I took a short break to trade them in for new rods and all of a sudden throwing in 1000 new lines on top of all of my others, greatly expanding the number of bites that I got. I was yet to have enough for the combo at the shop for gaining a sense for multi-awareness, a 'slave' or 'worker' ( really it is a friend or child ) to come and help reel in the lines, so I can reel in a few at a time. It made sense to get 1000 new rods before getting a new rod-reeler, seeing as I was, at least at that time, keeping up with the bites. This new way of reading involved reading every single word as a title. It came from seeing a single word for the name of a book or a movie and thinking about it as a Multiverse-Title for some time. When it clicked in, reading every single word in a sentence as a title, it quickly birthed a beauty of reading every 2 words in a sentence as a title, and every 3 and so on until I head read the whole sentence as a title. I would read 2 then the next 2 then the next 2 until I had read the sentence and I would also read the first 2 and then shift it by 1 and read it again and shift it by 1 and read it again. Every combination was profound. I immediately went into an altered state, one of pure blissful ecstasy, it was stronger than 1000 mg of MDMA with 500ug of LSD. I encountered telepathy across the world evidenced by Facebook ( evidence was thinking an entirely new thought for me and having someone else think the exact same thought, word for word, and it also be new for them, at the same time on the other side of the world ) probably 100 times in those couple of days. I got to the point where I could look at someone's phone number and the order of the numbers would tell me something about the person, it would not just bring up in my mind a picture of them but also a series and parallel of feelings [] with a few defining events and potential prophecies. That lead to my second stint in hospital. []

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