occam's gear

Occam's Gear is a list beyond Occam's Razor, but let's clarify that first: [1] Occam's Razor: The theory with the least assumptions is the simplest. (NOT THE BEST NOR CORRECT ONE) [2] Occam's Comb: Complex explanations must be combed through, aligned and ordered like hair on your head, and remove all the ticks and nits disposed. Only then can we attempt to find truth. [3] Occam's Heart: The theories we love the most are the ones we spend the most time proving. The theories we fear the most are the ones we spend the most time avoiding. [4] Occam's Subconscious / Synchronicity: The theories we avoid the most are the ones that are most worth exploring [5] Occam's Eyes: The theories we read about and listen to are the ones that we are more likely to achieve consensus upon as being correct. [6] Occam's Wallet: The theories that make the most money are the ones with the ability to present themselves for reading and listening. [7+8] Occam's "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is": Eating up the theories that are most presented isn't actually a nutritious enterprise. + Financing the theories that you talk about generally has the incentive of boosting your ego. [9] Occam's Ballsack: The theories that are most reproducible and modifiable and able to be bred with other theories are most likely to be talked about repeatedly. [10+11] Occam's Cock: The theories that get you hard will be sold to you like viagra, and you will buy it. + The theories that make your tool longer (life extension) will be sponsored via [3+8] to you and you will never believe them. [12] Occam's Arsehole: The theories that seem like shit will drop to the floor and simply given away, and will later be reworked into fertilizer and sold to you for flowers via [6+3]. [13] Occam's Foot: The theories that allow you to stand up for yourself as independent people will make you feel like going for a walk with them (pretty much a re-working of [3], except it involves wishful thinking that "transparency" is good in a militarized and fearful world).

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What is meaning? Every word could mean anything if said on it's own, in particular: sex.

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