trickledown economics

Trickle-down Economics: Trickle-down economics is a metaphorical hypothesis that suggests money is liquid, and takes on the law of gravity as it flows from high points to low points. If we make this abstraction of the term and bring it back to liquidity and flow, we can also see that there are macro and micro objects, like seas (stocks) and oceans (forex), rivers (industries) and streams (product lines), clouds (forecasts) and rain (income), wind (hype) and erosion (FUD). As liquidity cools down, it solidifies into assets, and as it reaches boiling point (civil war) it evaporates. And climate change is coming. The day time sunlight kickstarts the water cycle with what can be replaced by pumps, and hopefully automatic ones. If sunlight is akin to work energy, soon we will need no rainfall and can simply use pumped irrigation of basic incomes proportional to education level / skill level and time spent being creative, as well as just being human. We can also have dams (superannuation) that we pump out from reserves so long as they fill up faster than we drain them. A cool pool cools the air leading to condensation, like a cold beer from the fridge gets wet on the outside, just as a government in reserve can pay for people to be unemployed, giving them the time to start their own business. Metaphors can clearly be condensed and extrapolated, but the trick is knowing when and what for. Is there a triple-point for frozen assets where all of a sudden they skip the stage of liquidity and on to evaporation? Of course (war), but the reverse is also true, and hail (food-stamps) and snow (shares) can form without any need for rain, with thin air bitcoin giving rise to millionaires, some of which snowball and avalanche into decentralised asset-building. Desalination plants seem to be being dispersed in the same areas where corruption seems to be, can regulated capitalism spread to fix the corruption just as easily as we will soon clean water? What else is liquid and under gravity that will form alongside finance, with all these programmatic currencies, perhaps some of them will be more buoyant (read, volatile) and have different lubrication abilities to the regular liquidity. Cryptocurrency is quite volatile, does that mean it's also has a low boiling point, like turning off the internet, or power, or food, but does that also mean it's quite easy for it to re-condense in other areas. Does it mean it's most likely the fuel of the future automated companies, and the virtual reality water we drink, rather than something with such a debt ceiling of pressure built into it's nature like fiat, with a list of rules and regulation bigger than a GitHub package? Can it dissolve minerals and pass electricity? Is it what you will be taxed from when you buy a solar panel in 20 years, being taxed on product use rather than income. If money is liquid and future forms can pass electricity, what does that look like? Is it a blueprint with an AI sentience to discuss it with you, is it happiness in code-form, is it the magic of quantum physics condensing your imagination into reality, to light your homes of spirituality and power the fridge of certainty? If crypto is oil, can it spill over the ocean and kill all the life underneath, like a bitcoin billionaire flooding a local town with work all of a sudden? Is it harvested from single machined areas and be the reason for future wars? Will it power our transport? These metaphors go a long way when you make an abstraction and apply it.

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