freedom as a negative concept

This video talks very specifically and powerfully about the Genealogy of Freedom. It sparked a lot of interest in me about the Genealogy of many different words, and the continued exploration of the concept of Freedom. But it is very important to recognize that freedom only exists when someone at least has their own power, there is more to freedom, but first and foremost it relies on individual power. Now, I would like to explore the concept of the Genealogy of God. Seeing as they are talking of Freedom and of Power these concepts genealogically reside in a study of God given free will, which is likened unto when Julius Caeser in a way made law that he was to be indirectly praised as Jesus Christ, JC for JC, a kind of mockery of the consumer in response to state-born capitalism, what getting angry in the trading churches and claiming for a utilitarian 'think for others as selves' approach, allthewhile essentially epitomising the 'niceguy' approach to relationships of always being there and always doing the right thing no matter what. As though one is acting on God's power of right action, and yet the consequences of putting the rest of the hive-mind / state-born power to shame and so being put to death, the consequences of which shattering space and time, or at least the laws of physics. I doubt the miraculous although I have seen plenty of which I will refrain from saying. People don't like these claims, and they say it weakens the rest of what you have to say. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But the beginning of time is a miracle remaining forever unexplainable yet inexplicable. The only reason I doubt is because I do not know the will of God in creating miracles, and doubt is the beginning of searching in dark or light for the keys to freedom. And so we are back to self-empowerment. Now, God, genealogically speaking is that which first and foremost has all Being, all presence. By definition it, often He, must also contain all knowledge and all power? But why. Well, it just so happens that God does not bestow knowledge to those who cannot be present, and doesn't bestow power to those who do not have knowledge. The rock has no power of itself to fall, it is by gravity, and so it requires no knowledge, and yet the spirit of what causes gravity requires some knowledge, and that knowledge is held in the wave-particle transmissor of gravitational attractive force, the photon. I do not mean to say that a photon is conscious, although I believe it to be, but I mean to say that metaphorically speaking it contains a kind of knowledge to give it this power of transmissing gravity, that is to say, it's knowledge is it's predilections of will, and so it's "what the photon is inclined towards doing" that can be said here to be equivalent of it's knowledge, "what is the rigging of it's action". Of course, all that is can only be what is Law, or Truth, as the Punjabi's greet you "hello" == "only Truth is eternal". But it first comes from that Presence, the photon has to exist in order to have a definable mode of change. And this brings me to the The Great Filter. If time stitches life to breed ever greater (exponential) modes of complexity in all presence, knowledge and power, then there will come a point at which either a unit of the population of life gains the power to destroy the whole, or most of the whole is destroyed in an attempt to acquire more defensive power rather than offensive power. The Great Filter is such that they say intelligent species next evolve extreme amounts of power and a have a high probability of destroying themselves. Whereas I would say that this is not the case, because the first and foremost defining Moment of Intelligence is that it seeks to persist it's own power, and that persistence is of utmost importance. Thus intelligent species develop genetic engineering and evolve past their weaknesses such that as the total power of the individual increases, through complexity, the total defensive power must rapidly increase after the increase of offensive power because all intelligent species still compete with themselves. It is not a mode of Intelligence that needs to exist in order to create a lack of competition and species-contained-self-slaughter, but a mode of presence. And so, as we evolve through this next step of acquiring immunity to flame, virus, toxin, breakage and bullets, we will also acquire that presence which is not just to know, but to know better than to compete amongst ourselves and fight amongst power hierarchies. And it is here that I suggest a change to the Western Genealogy of God, in that it is not Male due to it's power, but Female due to the presence that brings it. Why? Because I conject that oxytocin evolved before testosterone, that love comes before strength, that one cannot fight within a species without first having a way of bringing-up that species, and it is that upbringing, that love, that plays more importance, not just in nature, but with God, and with overcoming this ridiculous Great Filter they confirmation bias to be part of the Fermi Paradox, when I have indeed seen aliens before. And so I bring up the point that Freedom is not at risk of being removed from us, in totality greater than our species, because it is a negative concept, since it would require something that is free to remove our freedom.

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