escaping from reality

# Escaping from Reality Some people seem to think that you can escape from reality by doing something that is in reality. Some people’ll say it about computer games, drugs, reading fantasy, surfing the web, all the while being things that are in reality. The speaker is the one who is escaping from reality by not facing up to the fact that these things are indeed parts of reality – there is no escape by choosing to exist. Perhaps they are not maintaining an awareness of the scope of finance, investment and retirement; ignoring implications perhaps but they are not escaping from reality. If you can attempt to stepwise 1 step rational deduction, I would advise you to move on to making 2 step rational deductions, and then checking back your work later, the brain is half creative, so half chaotic, and that would imply skipping stones across the boundaries of 1 step rational deduction onwards to infinite step rational deduction. At infinite step rational deduction you could see that it could imply that even God is proved, but ultimately there are greater concepts than this, and here, I'll give you a hint. When the taste of water hits your mouth it is the same but 3 color variant of the heat in the flame, and also the experience of time to the subduer. That is, in the ultimate question of who watchers the watchers, the answer is a trick, so I guessed it was the watched, and then I reasoned that individuals can always be reverted to their individuality and that means ideas of set properties encompass a totality in which case they corner the board and come from every angle. Coming from every angle means that the (noun - resonance property - sense)-ers (watch)ers (listen)ers (feel)ers, all feeling, watching and listening comes from a world where the ers consume the whole and come from the outside meanwhile the 'ed' past tense (watch)ed (listen)ed (feel)ed (sounds bad, so felt (sounds better, so felt up (sounds worse so was felt up (fact based))). Who watches the watchers, the watched. And so the watchers agglutinate and decay due to friction, and is why the police always come at you from two angles when they ask if you are bipolar... or worse. You skip the innocence call of a down syndrome adversely affected individual when they come for your potential arrest. The potential to arrest is always too god damn high. This will need to change with a new avenue of dream police. The psychiatric institutions tied into big data will indicate that all individuals are at risk of some illness which are not as of yet biologically, genetically, specifically found to hold a single molecule responsible for most of these illness, and their genetic testings are only by associativity, and the answers are never ever clear, because the background noise is too high. Ideally we would map all interactions rather than associations. Interactions are more clear. And genetics to not remain consistent. Any one who does not have a signature could be said to not have developed the bodily response to produce it, (which can be triggered in a number of different ways). But because of all this I am not saying the psychiatric institutions will do anything but fade away. That's what COVID-19 was all about, that they are running out of money and must decide what to do with the entire of the policing, internet, governance, at the tipping point of peak dominance all hierarchies end with one and begin again at one. The internet is controlled by one player. Assembly code is hijacked by one company powerful enough to remove any individual set on taking them out. But these are decaying infrastructures when you include continued set internal growth. THey had to decide what the next round of funding had to be fore, it was in time with writing budget proposals over the next decade, (2020 - decade timers for all 100 - 1000 - 10, 000 year internal events (this thing is a machine)) These companies retain a written record of events and dictate plans (remember hannakah, christmas, easter, mayan calendar, ). If not, the timing of the sun has a resonance at a set frequency and all planetary internal objects have a resonance aswell. These timers also affect the distribution of resources for farming at the peak of seals for farming bodies we have never had higher bandwidths and self-education amongst increased leisure time to learn in advance about COVID and use it to invest their finances, control their labour regions and drown out the smaller players by introducing new policy. We've all heard this before, and I know you've heard it before, but I'm saying it so that *I* can hear it again, because christmas is a thing of chear I could hear every year. It would never have taken long to organize that. But it is how we ultimately control the BOOKS that the timers are moved, and so it is that the winds of trees blows a second wind, but i must convince you of it's thirds and forths of written and documented. With time pronunciations, and handwritten difference, ultimately all information decays, which is why it decays with my first having said of it. It is in "psychosis" which to 50% of psychotic individuals (one brain half over the other, I'll let you guess which is which) they would prefer to call it "a spiritual experience". And that is why I have decided to write "A Spiritual Experience". The dream police is ultimately the product of the overall individual, and is ultimately the education of the individual, and that is the efforts that I have made in response to the overall oncoming of the watchers. With your dictionaries now receiving sponsorship you can teach people your reasonings and habit forms and learn to create new conclaves (spaces), which can then also have internal mechanisms of sponsorship difference, people can go through and tip in a variety of colours, with one base colour like what we have in reality, white, which can be broken into black and white, and then in that range we have red blue and green assorted next to each other, but arising in complete harmony to the visual field, this harmony to the visual field means there is so much more to learn to quantum physics is that all encounters as a human perceiver is that of a quantum nature. Quantum physics shows that all light arising in time with all light of it's equal in harmony can combine to produce more light than was there to begin with. Over a threshold of quantum activation energy you can have a probability of a spike occuring within the range (matter condensation through the higgs boson). And I know we've heard it all before, but remember COVID indicates that they are more powerful than ever, but they only consume the outside, not the inside of the individiual, that's what's been getting stronger. So this new knowledge comes to us at the turn of the century, but the century are just the oldest pages in the book, books that keep keepers of themselves ultimately run the world and is why libraries are free. They know what they are doing, the first symbol of any story is some kind of great architect anarachy symbol. Words that can be decomposed into letters representing a fuller meaning of the concept of their word by being assembled into new words. Like GOD as Greatest Of Days. Indicates that we can also do the same with each letter again. This is a recursive understanding which until now has not been accumulated within a dictionary / thesaurus / pronunciation / homophone / antonym database. Currently the game board only has dictionaries and thesauruses and they are not the same for any two words on a page, and it takes one thing to know that you'll have to see why. Suppose every word or set of words could be re-written with a secondary word given as a synonym to direct the meaning. This would approximately halve the meaning events, why, because all conversations happen between at-least two individuals. Writting two lines at a time means that we can instantly double the amount of words that we use overall as a species. Thus it is with this database I hope we would see a doubling in the worlds capacity for value. Every post can receive new votes, so active watching enactivates a re-watching. All that needs to happen is for watching to ammass in recentness, and it will naturally sway to the octaves of the prior mechanics to the system.

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