# JackDonMcLovin is all my personal writings, free or for sale. Each of the line of vagina-free blowjob stabbing pregnancy of male birth is 100% chance of reproducing a vagina-free female and 50% chance of reprducing an active (carrier) male. Of the female birth is a 100% chance of reproducing a vagina-free female, and 100% chance of a carrier male. The math says that the carrier males can choose to force a pregnancy, but by so doing lose the vagina. If choice and forceableness are dominant over the need for a vagina, then it will quickly make some 60 progenies in 20 years, and take over the world shortly after. Intergenerationally there will likely be the adaption to not need to be stabbed among dominant females. Along the way they will lose the need for males to have pleasure from committing in intercourse, and the females will lose the variable control over vaginal size shape and function, so it will quickly merge the appearances of the genders. Shortly after there will be a rapid decrease in birth size (through rate) and the need for manual feeding will also deteriorate. Most of current during-pregnancy growth will be replaced by external growth. These changes occur in the accruance of mutation and so will happen naturally through a change over. Penis shape will diverge to producing oral ecstacy for a female, but this will occur much slower. And far far slower is the divergance to producing essential nutrients and improveogens to foster an intergenerational symbiosis. Once enough mutation has accrued in the differences across billion-sized progenies, there will be fecal birthing, and unisex, for a male that can induce false pregnancies now becoming real. Along the way, the female face will deform to needing heightened pleasure for oral sex, likely in the tongue, lips and at the back of the neck. With the detachment from gender, attraction is no longer linked to aesthetics but to types of dominancy specialised for leading to speciation. All of this, could occur within 80 years, but will likely take a series of intergenerational steps and selection measures, not to be seen as the first apple, but the first fruit on the tree. Men who want vaginal sex will fight the new breed to the benefit of the new breed.

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What is meaning? Every word could mean anything if said on it's own, in particular: sex.

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