having the drug talk

Having The Drug Talk I have expressed, here, the nature of the science so far in regards to neurotransmitters and some common substances of use. Biohacking can involve exploring the nature of the temple, that is the body, and, in a way, meeting the spirit of each plant. The medicinal nature of biota in reaction to psycho-bio-socio-somatic interplay is quite an ongoing and lengthy procedure when you take into account the temporal-harmony of epigenetic, genetic, proteomic and structural story that allows a single biota to have a multitude of interactions when it is centred in equilibria with many others. We can increase heart-rate and blood-flow to the brain with a single well-practiced thought, or for those out of practice or not-yet-learned a single plant like coffee can lead to compounding effects when combined with pseudoneurotransmitters like alcohol PSEUDONEUROTRANSMITTERS Pseudoneurotransmitters are essentially psychoactive once they have crossed into the cerebro-spinal fluid and begin interacting with local enzymes including receptors and re-uptakers. Niche PNTs have niche focus', sure, but there are certainly combined effects including come-ups, plateaus, come-downs; yes the combined effect is essentially akin to being its own PNT in and of itself. 1+1 => 3, 1+1+1 => 6, 1+1+1+1 => 10. And sometimes (my guess is most times), it's inter-generationally effective. Sugar, Coffee, Dopamine and Oxytocin for example are quite an addictive combo, because the energy in the sugar is more activated by the coffee is more mobilised by the oxytocin is more effective for dopamine. There are red threads, black threads and gold threads; the things that are shared, possible, and unique. BENDERS Most people are on a bender most of the time. I believe it's called sobriety and is often filled with periods of doubt, skepticism, pleasure, wellbeing, sickness, euphoria, love, depression, pain, suffering, loathing, spite, unconsciousness, habituation, carelessness, foresight, oversight, and many other aspects that biochemically quantifiable. Perhaps we will soon enjoy a readout, analysis, prediction, and care. PNTs are all valid realms of human function, seeing as once a piece of chemistry is consumed by a single species for long enough (like ours with a tail stretching far back into the beyonds before the decimations within the dawns of history to perhaps a single lightning bolt of Thor, or an Ohmic vibration in chemical soup, like a Word uttered over a mist of nothingness), it soon becomes incorporated into a coherent, remembered, self-reproducing internal structure if and only if it fits as a piece in the puzzle. We've incorporated the recreation ability for the sugar we suck from plants, we are even able to draw it out of the flesh and bones of animals young and old, syrupy sugar pseudo-crystalized to later fuel a layered liquidity of energy stores for growth, death and movement. Benders can then bend our epigenetics and proteins with effects so far reaching that to speak of them in anyway other than to elude to there always being another great story to tell, is simply to forget how much there is. ETERNAL CHEMISTRY .Just like maths, chemistry is, or at least appears to be, eternal in the sense that it is unchanging. The drug war, if it were to be fought the way it has, will lose over and over again. Instead, if it were about the many multiple future enhancements of human biology with rewriting genetics and reshaping equilibria into states of hyper awareness, relaxation, and so forth. People often encounter the concept during states of hyper awareness that there is no defined past and no defined future. In ways I wish I could convey, it seems to make the most sense of all experiences when looked at together, and it makes the least sense of most experiences, ie. it is only a rare sight, but it seems common enough, that like with the invention of writing, may be a door way to realms unimaginably eternal, divine, infinite and otherwise, while having temporal harmony within its morphogenetic resonance. Having the drug talk these days is a lot about the dangers and risks. But most things in life come with risks, the rest of riding the motorcycle comes with care, practice, engineering, and investment. Everyone is addicted to something. You're here reading this right now. Many of us are addicted to 3 meals a day or 8 hours of sleep, but there are other aspects of moderation that careful moderation of moderation would account for. The spiritual walk of fasting, is as acceptable as sleep deprivation and drug use. They all alter our biochemistry and all have define-able, measureable, and experienceable uses.

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