taking a step back

If reality had a ctrl+z / cmd+z option it would really put minds at ease. The experience report that I have would suggest that this is the case and relies on what Buddhists call Karma, or Judeo’s call ‘reaping what you sow’. The moral of the story is to ‘sow what you intend to reap’. This is a story of sobriety being more psychedelic than drugs. Essentially, I made a post online and then became some sort of recognized knowledgeable person and was given an unwritten license to speak for the crowd, it appeared very much like politics, and, as it happened, within the year I arose to a position similarly to the weird ways in which the crowd defines from speaking back to you. A representative of the crowd begins by having a unique voice and convincing people to follow, and very quickly they become the person they are painted as, through the media influencing how people respond to that representative. Because the crowd I was speaking for was a secular kind of skepticism, they quickly began to doubt whether or not I was representing them or just acting for myself, like a corrupt person, as people do when they haven’t confronted their shadow. So even as the voice, not my voice, but the opinions of those who responded to my voice, rose by someone who represented the crowd, the powers that be decided to remove that representative from the crowd due to the amount of global power it was to hold. That is to say, it was the elite that decided that total representation of the crowd was bad, they controlled the media, the crowd, as always, was skeptical of my words being just words, even though it was really the emotion my words inspired in them, so the media influenced the skeptical crowd to want to hang me for my craving of power, even though, it all only started from one post that influenced the way people understand language pre-defines how they understand the world, so if they could re-originate a language they could understand the world, or at least build up a picture of the world that allows for a complete understanding to be build, like the seeds of consciousness within the external body of knowledge that is philosophy and mathematics and onwards. So, I was hanged. In death, I became the universe, I could feel the beingness of all beings and presence of all hereness, I knew all was here and I was an allish part of that all, as like unto all I was here, and so like all are all we. And then I returned, back to being about to post to facebook, staring at the post, 3 minutes after I had posted it last time, so I deleted it and went for a drive to clear my mind.

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