dear god

Dear God To, dear and love, David Walsh, or by his true name, God, creator of the universe, lord of the lords, ruler upon most-high and whatever other half-wit version of the Truly Ineffable you wish to call him, Allahu Akhbar. Seriously. Thank You: FOR YOUR REFLECTION It has been said that you have seen all and know all, and in knowing so became all-powerfall. Thus, the right of the great and mighty Darkness of Night as it's counterpart to Himself, is low and beholden to a consequently great and mighty Mother Fucker. I apologise on behalf of both parties as a gimpy mediator of middle earths as having witnessed the ritual of summoning according to thatwhich was proclaimed. The meat of it is that it was bloodingly obvious and painfully sweet. And such, a sliver of the mirror tightened slim whips and baconators for the rest to be the best of dead men in chests. FOR YOUR MAJESTY Now albeit, has this is-ness On High not lead unto many other great, yet silent, heights of man and mind if but only by a subtle breeze but slowly, growing and slight towards a wild westerly night lasting still from time immemorial unto himself appear fathomable to his own eye. A slight twist to the gist and a mix of mine, perhaps if only totality he could uncover and immortality, the protected plover, could he attain for himself the state at the determined pace between which time it takes to get to the end of the race. FOR YOUR LACK OF PRIDE Their has been, if at least, a butterfly or a Rorschach that has lead to a compounding of selflessness, worthy of worship and worsest at the beginning, perhaps leading him unto a questioning of otherly motherly daunting majority with a gun at the holster and having always struck first, landing the gunshell within heartstring but leaving bliss unto bliss and wake unto wake. Now perhaps pride is worth bestowing, perhaps if one such could be now considered worthy. Although, education, mastery, of the signs and rhythms, the ticks and tremors will forever grow at the rate they do.

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