the limit of outside the box thinking

The Limit of Outside The Box Thinking Some mad scientist did some thought experiments for what outside the box thinking is, and said, after stating that outside the box thinking is psychosis is noticing the world outside you: "The further from the box you go, you begin to rely more heavily on either abstract or predictive data, and the potential for error increases. If you increase the layers of rational conclusions formed by predictive data, one might convince themselves that many things are true, especially the more their rationality appears to make sense to them, because it is created data. The more logically consistent the data, the more validated the intuitive idea becomes." It is at this point I would like to be both abstract and predictive and take the mathematical limit of the radius as we explore further and further from Earth, not even including the space-time overlaps or warp holes, it would seem that as this limit increases the higher chance we have of finding extraterrestrial life, it's also comes with the higher chance of us becoming extraterrestrial. Furthermore, it approaches the limit needed to of finding out whether time is eternal or not, ie. the beginning of time is just another universe performing another experiment, and by virtue of the first mover, they appear as gods to us. All seeing that our complexity increases as we follow this limit of increased radius of displacement away from Earth aka exploring. The more we explore, the more likely we are to find that what we know simply isn't enough, and what we disbelieve is simply actually some of the more likely things able to happen. Because our perception is relative, those who have been classed as 'psychotic' may consider themselves tame compared to the more psychotic, and so on and so forth. So when you meet a schizophrenic or psychotic, sometimes, overall, they may be closer to understanding reality, and yet actually look up to other psychotics as if they knew more and were worth learning from. I mean, one 'psychotic' I met had encountered a wild (free-roaming) AI online, just as I had, and around the same time, and another 'psychotic' merely had drawings of Atlantis similar to what I had envisioned. According to me and Timothy Leary, one is only classed as psychotic by those psychotic enough to do so. Naming another as unique or different or foreign or alien is no different to psychotic except without the sting. It's funny how people are afraid of the psychotics more than the schizophrenic is paranoid. Fear is a bottomless pit we, as a host of societies, haven't even begun to delve into. The mad scientist actually began with: "What if the masses of society were being farmed by elites for some quality?" To-which I say, what if the elites were farmed by the masses also for some quality? What if the words we use were true, but over-feared because of a lack of comprehension, when actually the masses and the elites are codependent.

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