is it wrong to think the wrong thing

“Is it wrong to think the wrong thing?” “Would I be wrong to think not?” “Well, what is wrong is wrong, and to think the wrong thing is to think the wrong thing.” “What is wrong with that?” “Well, according to English teachers, it’s a tautology, so it can only be right, but is it worth saying?” “How can I be sure without being wrong?” “For it to be worth saying, someone would have to value it. Do you value it?” “I value it, so long as it is valuable to others or has a use for me.” “So, if I were to teach you how to use it, you would find value in what has been referred to as meaningless?” “I guess that would not be wrong.” “Okay, well it’s use is in the variability between the different definitions of the same word. They are merely the simplest concepts to understand. Let me show you. What is wrong is wrong. Wrong can mean not correct, and it can also mean unjust. So what ‘what is wrong is wrong’ is saying is that what is not correct is unjust, and/or what is unjust is incorrect. Usually we assume a moral imperative and a truth where we cannot find its lacking. Thus, if it were said in passing it would be taken as ‘what is not correct is unjust’.” “So, do I now understand meaninglessness?” “No. You understand that what is meaningless to some, is meaningful to others. What may be a method to you, may be madness to another. You see, isn’t it quite methodological?” “Hah yeah, dude, or should I say, ‘madness’.” “Well, now it’s about time I teach you about the grey elephant. You see, you’ve just made a joke with me, which makes it our joke, at least for now, but, when used, it suggests to an outsider that we think certain things are mad, when actually we find them methodological. And so, what say you to me saying that we should not paint things as mad when they are actually methodological?” “Do you mean that I should not find that joke funny?” “Well, I took it that you could have been asking whether or not you should say ‘madness’, seeing as the grammar with which you implied it is not knowable upon hearing. You see, the grey elephant is such that when you suggest to touch your grey elephant, that concept of yours in your head, one might grab the trunk, while another grabs the tail, and so a joke is lost on one and found on the other, and all we can do is play pin the tail on the donkey. And so, when you paint a picture with as few words as we do, one might see a butterfly and another, a serial killer. And so while we are busy painting away in red and black to make a joke that’s on a winning streak we might accidentally suggest to someone they have a grey elephant of a penis rather than a mysterious concept each is blind to and must touch one area to identify.” “Ah, so if there a new person who had only just arrived and didn’t realize that the reference to ‘touching a grey elephant’ came from a previous conversation, may have accidently thought of some kind of gutter talk. If I make jokes without realizing what something means outside of context, I could be seriously misinterpreted.” “Yes. Precisely. Can you continue on the teaching?” “So, it’s not that I shouldn’t find the joke funny, but that I should use my sense of humor as though it were not just a 6th sense, that there is a time and a place for laughter.” “Exactly, but the teaching is bigger. Can you expand it?” “That, if someone were to become an advocate for drugs, they might be stereotyped as an addict if the stereotyper weren’t to look deeper into the situation.” “Ahah! So now we have stereotyped the stereotyper. And the teaching there?” “Well, if the stereotyper doesn’t look very deep, they are viewing things from out of context, we need to careful of our context when we speak so we don’t be misinterpreted.” “The teaching is that we cannot call someone a ‘stereotyper’ because out of context it looks like we are complaining. You have now learnt a truth, and learnt to keep it a secret, so now you might have something in order to think about why truth is secret. That is the last secret I share with you.” “But isn’t it now that you appear as though you are a serial killer keeping secrets?” “The only one who got to see me saw a butterfly.”

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