projection bias

Projection Bias: Projection bias is the idea that people who are close to looking directly in the mirror will be subconsciously primed to see what's already in there. So when someone is fat and lazy but doesn't know it, they'll increasingly detect fatness and laziness until they reach the threshold of noticing their own and then transitioning to knowing that indeed they are fat and lazy. So, projection bias is where someone starts pointing fingers until they accidentally point at their own image in the mirror and crumple. What you see is what you get. It's only the experts of detecting bitchiness that notice their own, and it is as simple as talking about anyone while they are not there, which we have all done. The further away from the threshold someone is, the more likely they are to reject the idea. As it's a projection bias, the person must have the characteristic themselves, essentially by pointing out projection bias it is really just to say "look in the mirror" or "look who's talking", or "like they can talk." It's the bare basic bones of Reason itself to apply truth in equal measure, to say that if you are going to judge, thus you shall be judged in the same light. In reason we say if it's true at all it must always be true, a rigid binary boundary, and it applies to egalitarian views too, if it's right for one it must first be right for all. For a concept itself to be a projection bias, ie. The person can only use the concept if and only if it applies to themselves, the person has one choice, to either reject the concept or eventually apply it to themself, this is what I'll call a Self Applicable Concept. One such example is Narcissism. To call someone narcissistic is to put them down for loving themself, which one can only do if they love themselves more than they love the person they are targetting. ie. All those who point out narcissism are narcissistic, but I wouldn't say such a thing else I also be one. Many of these self applicable concepts are found in psychiatry. Schizophrenics are merely skeptical of other people's defined reality meanwhile psychiatrists are skeptical of the schizophrenics defined reality. OCD people are unbreakably structured and repetitive, and the diagnosis of OCD is also an unbreakable repetitive structure. Autism is an inability to fully grasp social normative reasoning, and it's very anti-social to call someone an Autist, much less make ot the standard word for such a characteristic. Retards are slow, but people who say retard are slow to progress onto using up-to-date terminology. ADHD patients have a short attention span and are hyperactively switching tasks, meanwhile the psychiatrist only sees them for 5 minutes and switches between many patients. Depression is being down for too long, perhaps from environmental circumstances (see: deforestation and climate change) but psychiatrists who name depression as an illness must think that when they are feeling down for too long it's going to be a bad thing (an illness) to be looked down upon, ie. Psychiatrists diagnosed with depression likely have the most severe form, however it's not an illness, it's a natural reaction to circumstance that requires a change in circumstance to heal (see: bio psycho social model, Gabor Mate).

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