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Suicide Prevention What we need is suicide prevention that doesn’t come to using the theory of damnation. It also needs to go beyond human connection, being a social being is not all there is to life. “Speak up, stay chatty” they say, as if they are willing to have the worlds hardest and heaviest conversations opened up while allowing total diversity of opinion on how to tackle them. Free speech is messy, it makes it really hard to know what’s actually true, authoritarian speech makes it just as hard. That’s why I don’t think biblical scale literature was meant to be dogmatic. It was meant to be placed there while you are young so that you can think about it your whole life, and then when you finally realise why it was there, you repeat the process and maybe add to it. It’s not fool proof, but we’re not fools, we can, at times through our lives know for sure and for certain that the truth of a phrase only applies in specific ways, and confusion on the matter is happy to stay while everyone goes about it saying what they say. I have a theorem for suicide prevention, and that is, any truth profound enough to convince someone that “life is not worth living”, is a truth that the living will shy away from. Thus, people that are contemplating said truths are very very likely to be considering them on their lonesome, hence the “you can’t help me” and the “you don’t know me” often said by people toiling with that struggle. Firstly, they don’t know for sure that everyone cannot help them, and secondly they don’t know for sure that someone can’t know them well enough to help. Secondly, this tells you what they need, help and for someone to try to know how they think. Thirdly, the help needed is to think through their thoughts and work out what it is they’ve forgotten in order to get stuck in a ‘dead-end’ or ‘thought-loop’. Fourthly, often times people are so dishevelled by this point that they will be convinced by anything you say as being the truth they need to go on “it is not by food alone that we live, but the words of truth”, thus you will see a lot of diagnosed mentally ill who agree with their diagnosis “my experience is faulty, and my thoughts are at fault”, rather than what I have “I think I know better than psychiatry, because 5 minute meetings and rushed diagnoses don’t cure the complex symptomology, it merely follows insurance protocol and was created at a time and by those who were against psychoactive exploration and cannabis use and has merely devolved from there. And medical research needs to observe genetic and receptor differences to know for certain the prognosis and treatment procedures from a drug prescribing perspective, and psychology is basically dead in the water for discussing the consequences of consequential sequential thought procedures native to the human being and diagnosing what answers to questions are bad and why and how to change a person’s mind, and for the better.” And I believe, because my opinion on the matter is complex, and the psychiatrists only have 5 minute meetings with me, or less, they don’t have the time to evaluate it, I know they aren’t the people to evaluate it, and anyone with the power to make a change on the matter doesn’t have the insight into the matter to know what change to make. I would like to point out, while our opinions differed, my English teacher was a very complex and well thought out person and, like me, was diagnosed as psychotic at one time, while I know for sure she was, I know for certain that such a procedure of diagnosing with stigmatized words like this for situations of the mind, she would agree with me in saying that it’s not good for the mind to be told the mind is ill. What is needed is a correctional spirituality to re-organize the minds of East and West alike. What West has done is spontaneously form a viral campaign of “don’t judge me”, stemming from an archetypal fault of Christianity in saying that you shouldn’t judge. When actually it’s that “with what judgements you judge, you shall be judged” a very ‘eye for an eye’ precision statement for saying that your perspective on yourself is determined by your perspective on life, and so if you hate yourself, it’s your own damn fault. What East has done is spontaneously form a viral campaign of “karma is a bitch”, stemming from an archetypal fault of Daoism in saying that an adequate explanation of most of reality is that it arise out of karma. It’s not said in their world, but in knowing what they mean by karma I feel I can say, “what’s the karma due to a being that creates karma”, which to the West will praise as an archetypal fault of Daoism, because that’s how I introduced it, but in actuality, if I were to Don my East-ness, I believe this is the very question that our existence is here to explore. However, the true fault is in the saying “karma is a bitch”, because no, that’s quite vulgar language to represent karma and doesn’t correctly pertain to what karma is, when karma is more-so how certain actions lead to certain consequences and those who misunderstand the consequences of their actions will be punished for making poor decisions, in our saying, “think before you act”, which in the East is taken a little more extremely in that they try to “think before you think” and just spend their whole lives in meditation. And are they karmicly rewarded for that decision? Well, the Tibetan Buddhists are kind of popular with the Chinese government, but the Dalai Lama wants no part in that.

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