mental guises

Mental guises are essentially the things we tell ourself in the middle of doing something, even though there are more reasons at play and / or others more important than the reason we tell ourself. Whether it be stealing flowers from someone's front garden and saying "he's a dickhead anyway," or "he won't even notice", this is a habit that we all have and is impossible to break. This is a necessity. This is life as a conscious being. The first step seems to be becoming aware of this, but I have no idea what the next step is. Corrective behaviour? Reminding yourself of the secretive reasons hidden under the layers of the onion of consciousness (that makes you cry)? Telling people about it through a couple of decent memes? Perhaps a good trick, or at least useful trick, is to swap out the mental guises you let slip when communicating to someone else your intentions in order to project a morally improved version of what you are doing and why you are doing it. It sounds dirty to say it, but it can honestly be a safe and well-mannered play, aiming to minimise aimless discussion around "oh, is that what you think" and "well, I think lots of things", or having them talk about you behind your back and say "such and such stole from such and such because they think their a such and such". It's like, shut the fuck up, go learn about becoming financially independent and quit judging people on the short statements they make based off of the limited time they have to communicate an idea and the limited time they have to learn about how to communicated an idea, let alone what consists of a 'good' and complete communication of an idea. Or something like that, even still, I haven't fully described it and never can. Never can describe anything completely. At least, not when everyone's concept of a concept is different and language evolves, so even if it were congruent and similar with the general population for a while, it won't be somewhere down the track. We're speaking in "ye olde" terms compared to how communication will function in the future. However, it seems that digitalisation might have a preservation effect, slowing down the mutation rate of language and solidifying its form for longer. The old phrase is "written in stone" but it will become, as Andreas Antonopoulos said: "written in the blockchain".

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