tying up loose ends

Tying Up Loose Ends Whereas some tie up loose ends by making sure someone who knows too much doesn’t dob you in, so you ensure they can’t dob you in, ever. But there might be another aspect to tying up loose ends. For example, ensuring that all laws of existence end on a happy note. Like if everyone was quantum immortal, transcendently connected to the fabric of the universal force field such that when you die, mirages upon mirages of you exist throughout the multiverse that you can simply return back to a choice that you had made, one crucial choice that caused your death, and you take it back and get a second chance. Sometimes you go on to reincarnate, after all learning work is completed, or to even leave this series of dimensions. Perhaps too we could tie up loose ends for every itty-bitty piece of reality to make sure that justice compounds over time and the good guys win. Half the time, the good guys are just the bad guys with the biggest team. Every language proclaims of morality, even, at times, moral superiority for niche concepts, but from the outside looking in, I don’t claim to speak any language first or last, not to pertain to being an ‘english-speaker’ or ‘australian’ for where I come from and what I say. I think I deserve enough that I can be a human first and foremost, that is to say, aside from being on the side of the winning team, I don’t know what else to encourage people to do. I profoundly dislike following the crowd, but when the crowd is winning, quietly join, when they are losing, quietly leave. Oh and leave any crowd that doesn’t let you leave, or that you can’t seem to escape from. In fact, just hitch-hike. That’s what the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is all about. How to get by, on very little, see the world, and that the meaning to life was just to be a statistic. But when I say Hitchhike, I mean hitchhike, and when I say hitchhike I mean take a look at the world you’re in, and all the perspective of human therein, and don’t settle down, there’s always more to see, compared to you, this place is infinity. I’m talking Occult, New Age, Dutch, Plants, Medicine, whatever. If you think you’ve got a good idea, consider the opposite, because one day, you might just actually consider it, and when you consider that, consider the opposite again, or even something in between. Or make up something different to just opposites, adding and subtracting. Be a gypsy and say property is theft, theft is property, or don’t. The authorities really actually wouldn’t like that. That is probably true Thought Crime (Orwell, 1984), I hope they don’t Catch-22 me. That’s my book recommendations for now.

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