a letter to a square

A Letter To A Square The nut of the statement comes down to I take drugs and believe that biochemical theory will soon converge on the fact that we simply cannot alter (read: improve) human consciousness without altering some kind of biochemical. The kinds of experiences available to those that pray, meditate, or contemplate are far more accessible when having consumed a consciousness expanding substance, although much internal biochemistry can be manipulated by normal interactions with consciousness, there are some doors that remain locked to those without the right keys, the key might be a concept or a plain old fashioned, peer-pressure-prescribed-prohibited, drug. CANNABIS Cannabis descends from a plant that once had its capabilities, although not quite as strong nor as diverse as it is presently, that was the same plant as that of hops and hemp, meaning that our culture of drinking, sail boating, net fishing and writing were all once entwined with a culture of getting high before it was first banned in the 20s. It was banned because the front of products that bordered its competition teamed up and used their means of power to an ends of pure power rather than an ends of good, as is an inevitable side-effect of presence creating knowledge creating money creating power. This is were vigilance comes in, or in theosophically equivalent terms, karma: the future after an interplay of incentives for reaction. THE BLACK MARKET Banning a substance that will be used anyway, leads to the avoidance of tax for most associated pseudo-employees, this leads to an economic advantage to those that do, this generates the incentive for illegal users to maintain the ban. What does this mean? The act of banning any particular substance for any particular reason is likely to be maintained even if the banning is not obeyed. Thus, it takes a long time and a lot of risk for each individual to change their mind and for the numbers that change their mind to build up in support of using the substance. There exists addicts, ie those that use a substance that they believe is bad, but there also exists people that use a substance while believing it is not bad. It is surprising how many people there are that are seen as addicts but are actually just users. WHAT MAKES A DRUG BAD? Firstly, as lawyers can tell you, you are going to have to define drug. The common use of terms when discussing this situation to the public is to habituate this conceptualization of a drug. Why that is, I'm not exactly sure other than that Black Market incentive, but the nature of mainstream religions often leads to an over-abundance of perceived agreement without much actually completed discussions, so each person ends up believing drugs are bad because they thought that is what good people think, but each good person thinks it for the same reasons as the first person. The funny thing about consciousness expansion is that you have to be able to expand your consciousness enough to know what consciousness is in order for you to think you should expand it. And you are not going to know that LSD, Psilocybin and Cannabis expand your consciousness without knowing either one of two things, what it is like to take it (ie. take it, but, take it easy), or what it is like for other people to take it (science). And we can't do science without doing it in a legitimate fashion, and we can't do science legitimately until we legalise the substance Even if you could define a drug, you cannot know that a drug is bad without having completed the science or made up your own mind. But hear this, most minds are made up by others by way of esteem camouflaging power and the inevitable incentive to obey power outrightly. A CONCEPTUAL NIGHTMARE It could be that the only people who project the idea that drugs are bad are those that avoid tax by dealing drugs. But of course, where all the money goes for the product: the rich bikie gangs, well, they will not pay for it to be advertised enough to become legal because otherwise they would not exist, it would be shooting yourself in the foot. Many many times have people shot themselves in the foot, but for almost 100 years, the bikies have managed to maintain the consciousness to know not to bite the hand that feeds you, and they have not destroyed each other yet. So all it takes is for the actual Users, who do not make money off the drug, to actually band together under common agreement on which drugs are actually bad and make movement on the polls without being able to afford advertising.

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