This will contain a directory of my writings. As far as I'm concerned we live in the multiverse of the Library of Babel. So I remain in complete freedom to write in experimental form, free to not hold the opinions of which I share, purely on the basis of interest can we explore what the experiments have on offer. One goal of mine is to create new words following set procedure, not by creating words out of thin air like the majority of terms on the Urban Dictionary. We at DreamCloudMiddleMen formerly TowerOfBable (short for being able to explore babel), make and sell dictionaries that you can subscribe to regular updates of, and freely create your own. We correctly align sponsorship with use, so that the people using the language have a profit to make, thereby allowing all alternative opinions as having the potential for bias, creating the need for new niche dictionaries. As you know there are many dictionaries in English and none of them have the final say. Dictionaries aren't always honest, factual, or worthwhile. Although buying a new dictionary may enable you the chance to gain new avenues of sponsorship and unlock new areas of the site with new posts and feeds, and commentary. If you vote on a comment with a lock dictionary, you capture it into requiring your dictionary to be seen. This allows for comments to be a source for content that you can build into your subdream (space / subreddit), these effectively work as tags as do votes. There is limitless potential for vote style variability, you can vote 5 times at once with 5 different vote types.

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abstracting metaphor

Viewcount: 283

a letter to a consciousness

Viewcount: 484

a letter to a nihilist

Viewcount: 377

a letter to a politician

Viewcount: 274

a letter to a square

Viewcount: 281

any years resolution

Viewcount: 408

axioms empty set

Viewcount: 278

Beliefs be leaves on a tree

Viewcount: 572

building sandcastles

Viewcount: 263

case reports

Viewcount: 284

cleaning up after priors

Viewcount: 243

cognitive fallacies

Viewcount: 276

creating morality

Viewcount: 269

dear god

Viewcount: 274

escaping from reality

Viewcount: 265

ever present metaphors

Viewcount: 262

every story as a story

Viewcount: 286

explore the body

Viewcount: 287

freedom as a negative concept

Viewcount: 235


Viewcount: 252

future human sex

Viewcount: 354


Viewcount: 418

god a non npc

Viewcount: 610

having the drug talk

Viewcount: 322


Viewcount: 280

hermeneutics - interpretation

Viewcount: 281

hitchen's razor

Viewcount: 724

how can i learn more about psychoactive drugs

Viewcount: 256

how does good

Viewcount: 382

how i meditate where it gets me

Viewcount: 256

how psychedelic wake

Viewcount: 362


Viewcount: 246


Viewcount: 248

if singularity, then end of the world

Viewcount: 254


Viewcount: 247

Internet of babel

Viewcount: 235

In The Beginning

Viewcount: 293

is it wrong to think the wrong thing

Viewcount: 223


Viewcount: 308

mental guises

Viewcount: 228

mental hospital

Viewcount: 227

miraculous is magic

Viewcount: 260


Viewcount: 281

my first trip

Viewcount: 392

my second trip

Viewcount: 266

occam's gear

Viewcount: 277

on existence of equality

Viewcount: 212


Viewcount: 235

Out of context

Viewcount: 220


Viewcount: 268

perhaps rest in peace is wrong

Viewcount: 214

podcast reviews

Viewcount: 376

projection bias

Viewcount: 374

proverbs are i told you so's

Viewcount: 359

psychedelics and suicide

Viewcount: 271

purposeful misreading

Viewcount: 243

p vs np

Viewcount: 494

questions about a trip

Viewcount: 308

quotes of the aether

Viewcount: 232

reactionary mindfulness

Viewcount: 226

responsibilities for parents

Viewcount: 245


Viewcount: 374

suicide preventiono

Viewcount: 255


Viewcount: 247

taking a step back

Viewcount: 231

tautology as magic

Viewcount: 240

the anything innate difference

Viewcount: 257

the house of want

Viewcount: 247

the limit of outside the box thinking

Viewcount: 235

the meaning of life

Viewcount: 265

-- the synthing

Viewcount: 244

the system is rigged

Viewcount: 236

thought police

Viewcount: 329

to make a parody of yourself

Viewcount: 254

to say

Viewcount: 251

trickledown economics

Viewcount: 225

trip 3

Viewcount: 221

trip 4

Viewcount: 244

tying up loose ends

Viewcount: 370

ultimately containing complete greediness

Viewcount: 226

What is meaning? Every word could mean anything if said on it's own, in particular: sex.

Viewcount: 228

what is the meaning of life

Viewcount: 236

who am i

Viewcount: 271

why psychedelic wake

Viewcount: 241

woo woo

Viewcount: 239

you're not going to notice it

Viewcount: 285