This will contain a directory of my writings. As far as I'm concerned we live in the multiverse of the Library of Babel. So I remain in complete freedom to write in experimental form, free to not hold the opinions of which I share, purely on the basis of interest can we explore what the experiments have on offer. One goal of mine is to create new words following set procedure, not by creating words out of thin air like the majority of terms on the Urban Dictionary. We at Babelling formerly DreamCloudMiddleMen and TowerOfBable (short for being able to explore babel), make and sell dictionaries that you can subscribe to regular updates of, and freely create your own. We correctly align sponsorship with use, so that the people using the language have a profit to make, thereby allowing all alternative opinions as having the potential for bias, creating the need for new niche dictionaries. As you know there are many dictionaries in English and none of them have the final say. Dictionaries aren't always honest, factual, or worthwhile. Although buying a new dictionary may enable you the chance to gain new avenues of sponsorship and unlock new areas of the site with new posts and feeds, and commentary. If you vote on a comment with a lock dictionary, you capture it into requiring your dictionary to be seen. This allows for comments to be a source for content that you can build into your subdream (space / subreddit), these effectively work as tags as do votes. There is limitless potential for vote style variability, you can vote 5 times at once with 5 different vote types.

Substack: https://jackdonmclovin.substack.com/

I make websites: $1000/10 hour day Python (preferred) and Ruby donkeycon@protonmail.com

Jack Don McLovin jack.mclovin@outlook.com | 0447 860 259
4+ years in Python, Go and Ruby Senior Full Stack Software Development and SQL management w/ tests.
6+ years of Intellectual Property design
12+ years of competitive results
• Python, C, C++, Java, Swift, JavaScript and some of others (3 years exp)
• High level of trust and security through routine handling physical company money of over $200,000 without supervision
• Ability to research and solve problems of ranging complexities in short notice as an autodidact, such as coding in Unix to solve unforeseen OSX issues.
• Project management from designing an award-winning school magazine and converting an old automatic car into a manual also winning an award, and a record breaking light-sensitive time-trial robot.
• Event management and leadership from freely working as a youth leader for years at a church for excursions and battle-of-the-bands and personal growth retreats.
• Reporting and report troubleshooting, from MYOB, FileMaker, wages, purchases, Excel, Word, Publisher, communicating between iPads, Macs, Linux, PCs and VMware
• Natural Research and trekking, winning awards at the Envirothon in Tasmania, researching plastic pollution in Lord Howe Island and at the Tasmania Museum and Art Gallery, and insect species evolutionary development on Mt Weld.
• Multi-tasking in studying University and Year 12 together, and University and either working (past) or developing private software (current).
Glocal 04/19 – 09/20
Dev Ops Software Engineer
• Setup SQL server through python Django and Rails on Heroku (AWS and Azure) for enterprise scale pdf editing platform
Inventing Brain-Computer Interface 12/15 – 08/16
John Paul II Catholic Primary School (RWVP) 05/12 – 12/15
ICT Support
• Remote access security implementation
• Created the first Tasmanian Education cloud-based iDevice network for remote management and logging of over 150 iPads
• Replacement and maintenance of website
• Software and hardware troubleshooting
• Developing software protocol for staff
• Training clients on new system for applications
University of Tasmania 2012 – 2020
Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (Honours – Machine Learning)
Human Physiology, Plant and Animal Biology, Genetics, Electrical, Electronics, Project Management, Dynamics, Fluid
Dynamics, Mechanics, Statics, Statistics, Calculus, Chemistry, Signals and Linear Systems, Physics, Process Control Deans Roll of Excellence in Science Engineering and Technology
Premier of Tasmania National Undergraduate Scholarship – All expenses paid Rosny

College 2011
High School Certificate Dux – 99.8 ATAR
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Advanced Mathematics x 3, English Communications Achievements
National Mathematics Summer School 2012
Australia National University
Dux of Emmanuel Christian School, Rokeby, TAS 2009
Philosophy, Cryptocurrency, Shamanism, Human Societal Development, Herbalism, Transhumanism, History of Language and Culture

References are available on request:
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